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Try Numrich gun parts. online at or try brownells at

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Q: Where can you find a clip for a Springfield model 18E bolt action 410?
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Value of model 840 Springfield Savage 30 30 bolt action rifle?

I asked, What is the value, Worth of a "Model 840 (eight,four,zero) Savage, Bolt Action,30-30 W/3 rnd. clip, Of Springfield Arms, Westfield, Mass."

What is the value of a 410 Savage Springfield Model 18c bolt-action shotgun with a 5 round clip?

well i just payed 100 dollars for one without a clip

Where can you find a clip for a 410 Savage Springfield Model 18C bolt action shotgun?

You can find a magazine for Savage/Springfield Mod 18C-410 Ga at, then NUMRICH iten number229930A and they cost $37.10

Need bolt and clip for western field model 228 fr bolt action 16 ga. shotgun?

have good 16ga no clip shoots good model 228

Where can you get a 5-shot clip for a Springfield Model 56?

where can i find a clip for a 22 cal springfield model 56

Where can you get a replacement clip for Sears bolt action 22 cal model 42-103?

where can you get a bolt and clip for jc Higgins 22cal model42-103

Where can you find a model 55 bolt action clip?

Need the maker of the shotgun

Where can you find a clip for a 30-30 Stevens Model 325-C bolt action?

I have new magazines for that model.

What is the value of a Springfield model 18 series F 410 shot gun Savage Arms?

I would like to know what a Savage Arms Westfield Mass. U.S.A Springfield Model 18 Series F A939683 is worth? It is bolt action and has a clip in great shape. Thanks Kim Brady

Can you fire a Springfield 40 caliber with the bolt charged and the clip out of the gun?

We need to know the model. Some have a magazine safety, some do not.

What is the value of a 410 bolt action with a 3-shot clip?

A 410 bolt action with a 3-shot clip is value at $80.00

How many bullets will a savage model 340 3030 bolt action clip hold?

3 - Three

Where can you find a replacement clip for a Marlin Model 56 lever action square bolt?

We have 10-rd magazines for that model.

Where can you buy a clip for a Model 238 20 gauge?

Assuming you mean the Stevens Model 238 bolt-action, I have magazines.

Can and where would you find a clip for a StevensSavage Model 94 22 bolt action rifle?


Where could you find a clip for a model 58B 410 bolt action shot gun?


Value of savage model 340 series E 22 hornet bolt action clip?

$250 - $300

Where can you find a clip and sights for a 22 LR Sears Roebuck Model 282 bolt action?

The 282 is the Winchester model 521 made for sears

What year was Stevens peerless model 15 22 cal bolt action with a clip made?

The Stevens model 15 was made from 1936-1971.

What is the age and worth of a sears roebuck model 1015350-D 3 clip bolt action shot gun?

This is a Sears-branded Savage/Stevens/Springfield model 58 which was made from 1933 to 45. Not a collectable and bolt action shotguns are not too popular, so I'd say a $100 price would produce a quick sale but a $150 tag would sit on the shelf for a long time.

What years were the model 258B bolt action shotgun made and where can you find a clip?

1937-1965. Parts at

What is value of a 12ga Marlin Model 55 bolt action with 2 shot clip?

$100-150, depending on condition.

What is the value of a Stevens model 58-12 gauge shot gun made by savage arms in chicopee falls Massachusetts. This is a bolt action with clip that holds 2 shells.?

this is a bolt action shotgun

What is the difference between a Remington nylon model 11 model 12 and model 66?

The model 11 is a bolt action clip, the model 12 is a bolt action magazine tube, and the model 66 is a autoloader (also a magazine tube). The 11 and 12 were made from 62-65 the 66 was made from 59-89.

Where can you find information on a bolt action 410 shotgun with a clip?

Mossberg or Savage/Stevens? Any particular model?