Where can you find a complete history of World War 2?

The Readers Digest Association Ltd.put out quite a good overview of w.w.2 in 1989,Called "Reader's Digest Illusrated History 0f World War 11."or a very similar poduction by R.D. called "The World at Arms", I'm sure you will find either of them interesting. there are obviously many,many, others books out there covering the period. There is a great 14-part TV series by British Movietone News called "World War II: The Complete History". It obviously can't go into too much detail as it's only a TV series, but it still provides a tremendous amount of background on the war, as well as a fair bit of detail on many specific campaigns during the war that you otherwise don't get to hear about - like the war between Finland and Russia, the island of Malta, the Germans in Crete, the Japanese in China, and so on. It's very high on narration and low on fluff, so it's a very informative show. World War II for Dummies will give you a fairly accurate picture without boring you to death.