World War 2
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Where can you find a complete history of World War 2?


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The Readers Digest Association Ltd.put out quite a good overview of w.w.2 in 1989,Called "Reader's Digest Illusrated History 0f World War 11."or a very similar poduction by R.D. called "The World at Arms", I'm sure you will find either of them interesting. there are obviously many,many, others books out there covering the period. There is a great 14-part TV series by British Movietone News called "World War II: The Complete History". It obviously can't go into too much detail as it's only a TV series, but it still provides a tremendous amount of background on the war, as well as a fair bit of detail on many specific campaigns during the war that you otherwise don't get to hear about - like the war between Finland and Russia, the island of Malta, the Germans in Crete, the Japanese in China, and so on. It's very high on narration and low on fluff, so it's a very informative show. World War II for Dummies will give you a fairly accurate picture without boring you to death.


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dude its pretty hard not to find the history of world war 2. there are so many books, videos and tapes its not funny. i suggest lokking in a local or school library.

There are many internet sites, such as There are also innumerable books on the topic, such as Winston Churchill's 'History of the Second World War'.

The history of the Romanian people is a history of wars; XXth: Balkanic War, World War I, World War II.

world war 2 is the bloodiest and greatest war in history.

Send a description to me with markings, numbers, etc.

the significance of World War 2 is that it was the bloodiest conflict in human history and one of the most destructive war in history

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There are a number of sites that offer informative and educational information about World War II. One can find information on the History website, Wikipedia and the Encyclopaedia Britannica website.

World War II is the deadliest war in history.

Easy, think about it - without World War 1, World War 2 would never have happened...! Therefore, WW1's contribution to history was WW2...!

World history, American History, Ancient History, etc....

you will find the best answer by asking a history teacher

It was the biggest war throughout history of the entire world.

Switzerland has a long history of neutrality.

it was the time of world war 1 and world war 11

To date WW2 was the bloodiest with some figures as high as 60 million in the Soviet Union, alone In world history, it was World War 2. In US history it was the Civil War.

World War One had an immense impact on history. It displayed how nationalism can lead to war. Also, that war, brought about an even more devastating war, namely WW 2.

World War II was the bloodiest war in the U.S. History.

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You can't find *any*? The only possible explanation is that you haven't looked. At all. Anywhere. I'll give you this much information; World War II was the *second* world war. Michael Montagne Just put World War 2, Second World War, or WWII in the search box. World War II was a definitive moment in world history. You'll probably never find everything about it in one source. However, there are many excellent books and websites about WWII. Do a search on Google or at Amazon for "WWII" or "World War II". You'll get many helpful results.

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