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What is the motto of Israeli Educational Television?

The motto of Israeli Educational Television is 'Small and Smart Television'.

When was NHK Educational TV created?

NHK Educational TV was created in 1959.

When did National Educational Television end?

National Educational Television ended in 1970.

When was National Educational Television created?

National Educational Television was created in 1952-11.

Should educational television be able to teach young children?

Isn't that what EDUCATIONAL television is?? hi

When was Kentucky Educational Television created?

Kentucky Educational Television was created on 1958-09-08.

When was South Carolina Educational Television created?

South Carolina Educational Television was created in 1963-09.

Is TV educational?

Yes, it can be.

When was Oklahoma Educational Television Authority created?

Oklahoma Educational Television Authority was created on 1956-04-13.

When was Arkansas Educational Television Network created?

Arkansas Educational Television Network was created on 1966-12-04.

When was Educational Television - Hong Kong - created?

Educational Television - Hong Kong - was created in 1972.

What has the author C C Johnston written?

C. C. Johnston has written: 'The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission' -- subject(s): Broadcasting, Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, Law and legislation, Telecommunication

What does telecommunications include?

The definition of telecommunications is the means of communicating over an undefined distance. With that in mind telecommunications can involve various methods. Yelling, screaming, letter writing, broadcast television, radio, courier pigeon, talking over a phone, instant messaging, texting, emailing, etc. are all forms of telecommunications.

What is a Spanish telecommunications and broadband company that starts with a t?

Telecable, S.A.U. is a telecommunications company that offers, telephone, internet, television and mobile phone service. It operates in northern Spain.

What kinds of services does Telstra broadband offer?

"Telstra broadband is a telecommunications and media company that builds telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, and pay television."

What is the goals of educational TV?

tv educate and teach the viewers that are whatching

What are the difference between educational television and industrial television productions?


Does television have little real educational value?

It has been said that television has little real education value. I think this is true because for the most part, television has no educational value. Even so-called educational shows and videos such as Baby Einstein, have been proven to have little or even a negative effect on small children. Some television has little real educational value. Television used for purely entertainment has no value.It depends on what you are watching. Some educational channels like the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel are very educational.

What are the modern educational tools?

tv remotes

When was educational tv created?

The first educational TV program was called John Hopkins Science Review and started on CBS on December 31, 1948.

What is an educational TV?

Educational TV is televison programming which suits the purpose of educating the mind. This helps the human gain knowledge in various aspects of learning.

What is swisscom?

It is a telecommunications company based in Switzerland. It provides mobile, internet and TV to Swiss citizens.

Is YouTube educational?

Yes, some of the videos on YouTube is educational. YouTube is like TV on the web.

What are the ratings and certificates for Guilt by Association - 2002 TV?

Guilt by Association - 2002 TV is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

What has the author R G Archibold written?

R G. Archibold has written: 'Attitudes to educational television with special reference to educational closed circuit television'