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I'm not positive of a certain website but if you go to and search then you should find something.

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2010-12-23 01:48:32
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Q: Where can you find a dentist game that you can apply braces?
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Can you play rugby with fixed braces?

Its really not advisable as the mouth does receive some pretty bad knocks in an average game. Many players at all levels now wear mouth guards because of this. Its advisable to speak to a dentist before making decisions on playing with these braces especially as they may cause a choking incident if dislodged.

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Were can you find a virtual dentist game? dentist games ;-)My answer: You can go to on this website there are many other surgeries too.! Just sayin.! ;]or you can go to game is fun, challenging, and set up very well... well that's all I know of.! Byee.!

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Who puts braces on your teeth?

The orthodontist applies braces to your teeth and tightens the wires that join the braces. Tightening is usually done on a monthly basis. Your orthodontist will have a game plan in place for how the teeth will be moved, either by wire tightening, or by the use of headgear and/or elastics.

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