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go to, they have exactly what you are looking for

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Q: Where can you find a diagram for the vacuum lines in a 1989 Chevy van with a 350 motor?
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Where can i find a vacuum hose routing diagram for the wiper system on a 1959 Chevy apache 3100?

Vacuum hose diagram for 1959 chevy truck, wiper motor?

Does a 1986 Celebrity with a 2.5 motor and automatic have a vacuum line?

There should be a diagram of the vacuum lines on the passenger side shock tower.

Vacuum lines to front axel on 1995 Jeep Wrangler?

diagram from front vacuum motor to transfer case of 1993 Jeep Wrangler

Vacuum lines diagram ON a 1987 celebrity?

Go to this link and select your motor/carburetor...

What is the diagram for vacuum hoses on a 1979 Impala with a 350 motor?

The vacuum diagram is on a sticker located on the hood underside or on the front radiator support cover

How do you find a diagram for the vacuum system of a 1976 440 cid dodge motor home?

A diagram for a vacuum system of a 1976 440 Dodge motor home can found in its maintenance manual. It can also be found in its repair manual.

Need to find diagram of vacuum lines 1994 Full size Bronco?

There's usually a sticker under the hood with one on it but if not, you'll have to buy a motor manual with one in it.

The blower motor comes on but no air comes out for 1996 Chevy blazer?

Sounds like you lost the vacuum supply to the controls. Check under the hood near the master cylinder area for cracked or disconnected vacuum lines.

Where can you find a motor diagram for a 96 Chevy k1500 350?

You can find a 1996 Chevrolet 350 cubic inch motor diagram at most Chevrolet dealerships. Most auto-parts stores will also have the motor diagram.

Does anyone have a vacuum hose diagram for a 1996 ford f-250 pickup truck with a 5.0 motor?

i need the diagram for 96 ford 460 vacuum plz plz help

Diagram of aisan carby vacuum hoses for 4kc Toyota motor?


Where are the vacuum lines on chevy 350 motor?

You would need a ported source for the distributor, constant for a pcv valve, constant for power brakes, and constant for transmission modulator if automatic.

Where can you find a diagram of Chevy Camaro 350 motor and wiring diagram?

Try the library. Motor Manual. In the reference section. Laird Here is point style ignition diagram

Why won't the four wheel drive work in a 2003 Chevy s10 pickup truck?

over time the vacuum lines can get clogged with gunk and not allow the actuators to engage the trans axle, so replace all the vacuum lines and if it still doesn't work its probably a bad actuator or the motor on top of the transmission.

Why doesn't defroster on drivers side of 1995 Chevy truck work?

Disconnected or plugged air duct? Vacuum acutated motor not working - due to a vacuum leak or defective motor?

Is there Supposed to be a vacuum line going from the distributor to the Vacuum block with 4 lines in the rear of the motor?

Yes Mine Has that to it's a 95.

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 1993 Isuzu Amigo 2.6?

It's usually on a sticker under the hood but you can always buy a motor manual with the diagram in it.

Belt diagram Chevy G 20?

1990 cargo van 4.3 motor without air pump belt diagram

Where could you find the vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer with a 305?

there should be one on a decal under the hood. otherwise look in the apropriate copy of "motor manual" or "chilton's" or a factory manual

Where do you find a diagram for a wiper motor on a Chevy Camaro? has the camaro manual online, try there.

Where can I find Vacuum hoses diagram for gm diesel 6.5?

You can find a Vacuum hoses diagram for gm diesel 6.5 at any department stor. They can be found at Sears or auto motor store. They are also available on Ebay for a bid.

On a 1986 Toyota pickup a 22R motor 4 wheel drivecarb with air conditioner ignition vacumn lines how does the vacumn lines run?

Go and buy a good manual for your year and model truck. Sometimes, there is a vacuum diagram under your hood on a sticker

Wiring diagram for a 305 Chevy motor from the firewall to the distributor and the solenoid?

A wiring diagram for a 305 Chevy motor can be found at a local auto parts store. It isÊ important to note that there are several different types of 305 engines and telling the stores clerk what type of car the engine is from will allow them to recover the proper wiring diagram.

How Dow you replace Chevy cavalier convertable motor 1989?

Unplug the harness at the motor , then disconnect te hydrolic lines.

Where can you find a diagram showing the firing order for a 1987 Chevy 350 with a v8 motor?

depends on RPMs