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Where can you find a diagram of a 4L60E transmission?



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I don't know of any online. Even most service manuals don't deal with the transmission. A service manual form a dealership specially for that style of tranmission MIGHT be bought at a dealer, but your looking at $150 EASILY, and that's if they will sell them to the general public. What is wrong with the tranny? Most problems not fixed by fixing the vacuum accumulator, downshift cable and fluid and filter change, is not readily serviceable.

(In correction to the above statement. There is no vacuum modulator or tv cable on the 4l60e. you can also find an atsg 4l60e manual all over the internet, ebay and parts stores for about 30 can also be downloaded instantly in pdf form from As well as other publications. The atsg Is the most widely used by rebuild techs.

And the fluid and filter is easily done in the 4l60e.


Depending on what diagram you are looking for, as there are many. You will be able to find many answers to the 4l60e at or search for [ 4l60e rebuild pictures ] Or { twistedwrench 4l60e } great write up on it. If you actually need the manual, it would be in the "Factory Repair Manual", you may find parts of it or tips on the internet. But, if you actually need the manual,;"", is the best source I know of. I have bought many manuals from them , & have been 100% satisfied.