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Get yourself a Haynes repair manual for that car. It has a lot of good diagrams in it.

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Q: Where can you find a diagram of sensors and circuits on 93 metro?
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Where can you find a diagram of an engine?

where can you find an engine diagram of a geo metro 3 cylinder 1.0L engine

How do you find a belt diagram on a Geo Metro?

how do you wrap the serpentine belts around on the 1999 geo metro

How do you find the diagram for the fuse box on a 1990 Geo Metro?

You can find the diagram for the fuse box on a 1990 Geo Metro in the car's owner's manual. You can also check local auto part retail stores.

Where can you find a horn wiring diagram for a 1992 Geo Metro?

What kind of wiring diagram are you looking for? Engine, radio, lights etc.

How do you find an electrical wiring diagram for a 97 geo metro 4 door?

the electrical diagram is in the book... buy a service manual or a chilton's book

Where a diagram for a 1999 mercury cougar 2.5 V6 placement for o2 sensors?

You will find all O2 sensors threaded into the exhaust system at various points.

Which wires go to what on your 1996 Geo Metro hatchback cant find a diagram anywhere?

I found a wiring diagram in the factory service manuals at my local library.

Where can you find the fusebox diagram for a 1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue?

You probably neeed a wiring diagram as these lights and radio are on different circuits. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM.

Where can you find a diagram showing the location of the EFI sensors in a TBI 350?

Try the owner's manual or the manufacturer's website.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for oxygen sensors?

Find the manufacturers information from the different vendors through NAPA or O'Reilly's. Then you can typically find the information via the web.

Where can you find a diagram of the 02 sensor for a 2003 dodge ram 5.7?

Go to , put in your vehicle info, click on left Emissions and then O2 sensors and you will see picture of sensors for your truck.

Find engine diagram on a geo metro?

i want to look @ a eingine from a geo metro 1995 1.3L l4 so i can fix the part it need.And identify the part its a pullie so for that i can c

How do you find a radio diagram for a Geo Metro?

Go to Autozone or Advance and get yourself a Haynes manual. They have very good schematics in the back.

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Besides checking engineering texts for these diagrams, there are a number of places to look line. Planet Analog, Red Circuits, AMS, Industrial Controls, and Circuit Finder all have detailed diagrams of capacitive sensors.

Where can you find the fuse box diagram for a 2001 Ford Supercrew 4X4 pickup?

In the car owners manual is the location of fuses and relays and what circuits they are associated with.

Where can you find the gas sensors in a ford windstar a diagram of this?

I have no idea which specific sensors you are talking about. There are sensors all over the engine, in the exaust, on and inside the transmission, and even in the fuel tank. We need to know at least some form of the name of the sensor to figure out what you mean, and we need to know what year this vehicle is.

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How do you find a free wiring diagram for a 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. I am mainly needing diagram for VSS and ABS sensors.?

Wiring diagram for what component? If you are referring to the plug wires, copy & paste this link into your browser.

Is replacing an oxygen sensor on a '97 Geo Metro an expensive repair?

there are two 02 sensors on a 97 they are easy to replace,i have seen these sensors for around 90$ which is high for an 02 sensor but can easily be done yourself, if you can find a low mileage one in a junk yard you could do it for a few dollars

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a Volvo 1986 240 DL?

The Chiltons/Haynes 72300 has the vacuum circuits divided into the emissions, Fuel and brakes sections of their manual covering each vacuum hose.

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