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The fuel filter is located mid to rear under the car. it is a largish silver cylinder with a pipe at each end, however this may be black if it has not been changed for some time. please take care whem changing fuel filters on fuel injection models as the fuel system will be pressurised. if you have no access to ramps to raise the car, try parking one side of the car on a high kerb and then you can easily slide underneath it. Good luck. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE!!! When you want to change the Fuel Filter on your Volvo [ ANY car actually ] you MUST depressurize the F.I. system!!!! It's easily done- just pull the fuse/s for the fuel pumps. Nearly ALL ( post mid 70's) Volvos have 2 pumps...1 in the fuel tank ( or lower tank , if you have 2) and the High pressure pump under the car forward of the fuel tank/s. After pulling the fuse/s start & let the engine run until built-up pressure drops to a safe level and engine stalls. You MUST de-pressurize the system, because if it's in good working order it will hold about 70p.s.i. for days!! If it doesn't then you've got problems....long time to start & it slowly builds up r.p.m. is one sign of a low pressure problem. The pressure might be low at engine, so if you change a clogged filter and you still have problems it's the pump or its integral (non-sevicable ..sorry ) one way valves. A "noisy" pump on a car that runs well , especially with a near full tank but shows signs of fuel starvation at high speed or when fuel is below, say 1/3 is often the in-tank pump. Ther's a coarse filter in its pickup that can be replaced or it's the pump failing/failed or not getting power due to a bad fuse or corrosion at any of the connections.

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Q: Where can you find a diagram on-line to locate fuel filter under the car on a 1988 740 GL wagon?
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The fuel filter is under the car on the passenger side right by the rear passenger door. look for a picture of the fuel filter online to help locate it.

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The Oil filter in under the motor of the truck..

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right side under the dash

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Behind the driver, under the vehicle.

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Its under the fuel distributor. A pain to get at.

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is under filter

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its under access panel located in the trunk

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Lookl under vehicle and follow the fuel line from tank

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You should be able to locate the " intake air temperature " sensor under the air filter, In the filter box.

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In a this particular type of car, the oil filter would be under the front hood. Once you lift up the oil pan under the right front tire, you will be able to locate the oil filter.

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It is under the housing where the lower radiator hose hooks to the engine.

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I don't have a diagram; but I found the answer out from the guys at AutoZone. The fuel filter is located under the car, passenger side, just in front of the gas tank. Hope this helps.

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