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Where can you find a diagram or picture showing how to remove and install the water pump on a 1992 Lexus LS400?


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2006-01-26 23:01:22
2006-01-26 23:01:22

Look on as I know someone put pictures and description of the job. This is a job that should be done when the timimg belt is replaced since access is difficult. vbd


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there are Allen head screws all the way around the panel remove these and the inside close handle bezel which you can pop off to get to 2 screws behind it. once done lift it up

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Drain the radiator into a container. Remove the upper radiator hose from the engine at the thermostat. Remove the bolts, housing and the thermostat. Clean both surfaces and install the thermostat and gasket. Reinstall the housing and upper hose and top off the coolant.

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go to to see how to remove and install a stereo out of any car

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