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Where can you find a diagram showing how to install a fuel pump on a 1986 GMC Sierra?


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2004-11-22 10:04:58
2004-11-22 10:04:58

Get a manual on your car.


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i have a 1986 GMC SIERRA 1500 and i get all of my parts and diagrams fom let me know if you could find it there.

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usually there is i sticker on the core support showing the vacuum diagram. If its not there then i would spend 20 bucks on a chiltons manual.

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My 1986 GMC High Sierra 1500 stock transmission is a 700R4. My 1986 GMC High Sierra 1500 stock transmission is a 700R4. it could also be a th 400

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What part of the a/c are you trying to install because there are many different parts.....

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Drain the radiator into a container. Remove the upper radiator hose from the engine at the thermostat. Remove the bolts, housing and the thermostat. Clean both surfaces and install the thermostat and gasket. Reinstall the housing and upper hose and top off the coolant.

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