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Where can you find a diagram showing how to replace the power steering pump on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 liter tow package?


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2004-11-14 10:59:30
2004-11-14 10:59:30

Get a manual on your car and it will help on the next repair.

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No it will not the steering column in a 94 Cherokee only fits the 94 Cherokee. If i remember correctly 88-89 will workin an 89. I own a 94 Cherokee that i have to replace the steerin column in. nate

under the steering wheel there is fuse box with a diagram find the number 9 fuse i think its a 15 and replace it under the steering wheel there is fuse box with a diagram find the number 9 fuse i think its a 15 and replace it


Remove the plug on the bottom of the power steering fluid pump. Drain the power steering fluid out. Replace the plug to the bottom of the power steering pump. Replace the power steering fluid.

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If 4x4, replace steering dampner that is a bandaid, is not addressing the real problem. could be worn or bent steering parts, bad ujoints, out of alignment or bent or unbalenced wheel.

How to replace the power steering depends on which component you wish to replace. Let us know what it is and we will get back to you.

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