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I have the dress and it came out at least 3 years ago. It is a BCBG and costs about $280 ish.

If you like it, you can customize it.

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Q: Where can you find a dress like the cocoa colored one in the Pantene commercial?
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Who is the designer of the brown silk satin halter dress in the Pantene commercial with Maria Menounos?

bcbg max azria

Where can you find the black-grey dress in the Pantene advert?

You can go to FashionTIY, there are many black dresses.

Where can you get white dress from Volvo s80 commercial?

You can find a similar white dress from the Volvo s80 commercial from a dress store such as Dress Barn. They have great dress selections for discounted prices.

Who is the blonde woman in the blue dress in the Prudential commercial?

The name of the blonde woman in the blue dress in the Prudential commercial is Courtney Pauroso. She is a commercial actress.

Can you wear colour with wedding dress?

A bride can wear anything she wants. She can have a white dress with colored sequins; colored lace or, she can even get married in a shell pink; ivory or any soft color in a wedding dress.

Where can you find the white ruffle dress from the Designer Shoes Warehouse commercial?

Who makes the white ruffle dress from the DSW commercial

Where can you find the silver dress that Stacy London wears in one of the Pantene commercials?

In the anus of a Humpback Whale named Daniel Donawhorebag

What color shoes do you wear with a champagne colored dress?

champagned colored shoes so then they would match.

What color jewelry do you wear with a mango colored dress?

simple answer you dont wear a stupid mango dress

What is upscale casual dress for teen girls?

An upscale casual dress for teen girls will typically be a solid color A-line dress. Sometimes this dress will have a colored sash.

Where can you find the dress from the Dior commercial for J'adore with Charlize Theron?

You can't. The dress was specially made for her and this commercial. It is the only one of it's kind.

What color dress goes with purple shoes?

A blue or a black colored shoe for go with a purple dress. Never were purple shoes with a purple dress.

Should you wear the same colour shoes and dress?

Yes, you can wear the same colored shoes and dress. However, you could have a pale pink or soft colored dress on and wear white or ivory colored shoes. If you are wearing a dark colored dress then wear black shoes or the same color shoes as your dress. Example: Navy dress with navy colored shoes. White and black are generally the most popular so if you don't want your feet to look too dark in dark shoes or the color may be a pinch off in white or other colored shoes wear shoes with the height of heel you like, but also have small straps crossing the front of the foot (this makes the foot appear dainty and also the off color is less.)

What goes nice with black stockings?

Heels & a darker colored dress.

What colored clothes did Santa Claus originally dress in?

red and white

What color gloves for sand colored dress?

sand to baize gloves.

Who sells the polka dot dress in the Maynards commercial?

Banana Republic! I have one, and I didn't even know it was in the Maynards commercial. They don't have the dress anymore unfortunately.

What shoes go with cream colored dresses?

White high heel shoes would go nicely with a cream colored dress

A typical dress code in a private school is dark pants and light colored shirt is it true or false?

Yes, it is true that the typical dress code in a private school is dark pants and a light colored shirt.

Who is the girl in the direct tv commercial in the silver dress?

If you're talking about the miniature giraffe commercial, I think the girl in the silver dress is fashion model Ganna Makeeva.

What kind of clothing did Medusa wear?

Medusa wore a toga like dress that was possibly white or cream colored. It was not a mini dress.

Who designed the dress in the Budweiser Black Crown commercial?

The Budweiser Black Crown Commercial first aired during the Superbowl and features Californian model Lindsay Rae. There is no information as to who designed the dress worn by Lindsay in the commercial.

What is the dress is the new LG Dare commercial?

i think the dress is aidan mattox. super cute!

Who is the brunette wearing a blue dress in the boardwalk dress old navy commercial?

Wendi McClendon-Covey

Who is the actor in the tide commercial?

Jesse Teeters is the actor in the Tide Princess Dress Commercial. source: