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Its called Mastic. Call a local pool distributor in your area and ask for a professional recommendation. It is a tough job that even this seasoned pool professional leaves it to people who do pool construction. Luke Pool Service, Tucker, GA

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What is the difference between decks and patios?

Generally speaking, a patio is an on-ground deck most commonly made of stone or concrete. A deck is generally a raised surface that is made from wood or composite materials.

Concerned about the gap between the concrete edge or trim of pool and the rest of the concrete flooring?

I assume the "gap" you refer to is the expansion joint between the coping and the concrete deck. The expansion joint is there to prevent damage from occurring in case of movement. There should be no reason for concern, unless you are replacing the deck.

How do I stain a concrete deck?

With concrete stain, but this MUST be done before sealing the concrete.

Laying Deck Tiles?

Most people look to concrete or wood when planning their deck, but you can mix things up by choosing beautiful deck tile. Easy to install and simple to care for, these tiles will give your deck a luxurious, sophisticated look you are sure to appreciate. If you will be putting tiles over a wood deck, be sure that you check the structure strength. If necessary, add some joists for strength. On the top of the deck, use special hardie backer to stiffen the surface and prepare it for tile. If you are working with concrete, use a four-foot level to make sure it is perfectly smooth. Grind high spots flat and use concrete filler to raise low spots.

Is a Kool Deck brand surface from Mortex applied when the concrete deck slab is fresh?

The Kool Deck topping can be applied on BOTH fresh concrete and existing concrete with the PTA bonding agent. It is most commonly applied on fresh pours because of labor and timing simplicity, which lowers cost. Kool Deck toppings applied on existing concrete bond equally well as a Kool Deck surface applied to a fresh pour.

What is concrete haunch?

section of solid concrete that results from stopping the deck on each side of the girder in a composite floor system constructed using a formed steel deck.

How durable is kool deck compared to concrete for instance?

I have seen Kool-Deck by Mortex last over 20 years if done properly. Kool-Deck only works on brand new concrete as it is applied the same day the concrete is poured and MUST be done by an experienced installer. If the concrete is already there then use one of the polymer modified "spraydecks." "Preferred" is a good brand to use. Spraydecks are not as cool as Kool Deck but at least it works on existing concrete.

What are my options for pool deck materials?

There are a few options for pool deck materials. Stamped concrete is probably the most common pool deck surface. You can also choose from stencilled concrete, rock salt finish, exposed aggregate, brick and tile or a wood deck

If you have a natural stone product to go down over existing concrete pool decking can you set the stone on the pool deck with polyurethane adhesive instead of mortar and would it be strong enough?

i wouldn't suggest it. . .i would follow the manufacturers directions

What type of foundation would most commonly be used for a deck or porch?

concrete piers and a concrete foundation

Difference between backyard decks and patios?

A deck or patio can really liven up a garden space! Once you get started thinking about it, you will have to have one. A deck refers to a raised, usually wooden, platform that comes up off the ground, level with the house if it is raised up. A patio is typically a stone or concrete slab that sits directly on the ground as a foundation for furniture.

Is it okay to pour concrete around wooden deck posts?


Concrete, Brick & Stone?

form_title=Concrete, Brick & Stone Does your project involve concrete, brick or stone (Select all that apply)?*= [] Concrete [] Brick [] Stone What best explains your project type (Select all that apply)?*= [] Patio, Walks and Steps [] Driveway [] Floor [] Foundations [] Chimney or Fireplace [] Deck or Porch [] Siding [] Tile [] Walls [] Waterproofing Choose the appropriate status for this project:*= {Ready to hire, Planning and budgeting} When would you like this project to be completed?*= {Timing is flexible, Less than 2 months, 2 to 4 months, 4 to 6 months, More than 6 months}

Is concrete or the pea gravel version of concrete better for a pool deck?

Pea gravel can be harsh on the feet at times. Recomend Concrete w/ broom finish.

Other than cooler deck temps what are the significant differences between Kool Deck and Concrete Deck and which is better for the money?

Good question on pool decks. Regular concrete vs a "Kool Deck" brand surface will address two or more features you can add to your swimming pool deck. But lets first answer your question, a "Kool Deck" (brand name) product will be cooler due to both the highs and lows of the surface of the product and the actual Kool Deck additive which reflects heat, and is much cooler than concrete. Kool Deck surface has a custom look to it also and many color choices to further enhance its look. Your cooler colors are most desired for a "cool deck". If the decorative products or hi tech goodies are in your budget go for it, after all your buying the pool to enhance your life and have fun. good swimming

Where can I get a deck plans calculator?

Deck building calculators to help calculate concrete, joist and beam span, stair stringer layout, baluster, deck boards and deck load too. hi there here it is

Choosing Low Level Deck Plans?

A low level deck can be a great accessory for many homes. When building a low level deck, it's important to remember several things. A deck that is close to the ground may experience termite damage. It's important to use pressure treated wood when building a low level deck. In addition, it's a good idea to use concrete or stone blocks for deck support pillars. This will prevent any future pest problems.

How to Build a Ground Deck?

A ground deck can be a great accessory for many homes. When building a ground deck, it's essential to remember the following tips. A ground deck is a prime target for termites and other ground-based insects. Wood pillars should never be used directly in the ground. Instead, a ground deck should be supported by concrete blocks or stone pillars. This will help prevent future termite and pest infestations at a home.

How much cement mix for a 20x20 deck?

That depends on what depth you want the concrete !

What material do you use to createe a caulk joint against natural pool coping stone of 2 thickness and the concrete pool deck?

If there is no caulking joint there then you just don't "creat" one. If there is in fact a joint with old caulking it then yes you can remove 100% of the old stuff and use Deck-o-seal.

Where do you find a water stone on black?

on a deck in the main city

Where can I get pool deck plans?

You can check with local landscaping company's or at this websites: or

What all should we take into consideration with deck construction?

Depending upon the size of the deck a higher costs may be in place. In addition depending upon what type of wood you use a yearly maintenance is more detailed with a deck than with a concrete patio. When I purchased my home I had a choice between a deck or a patio. I chose the patio due to lower maintenance costs and time.

Do you have any major tips on building a deck on the ground, with existing concrete base?

First you got to make sure that the ground is level. I would replace the concrete base of the patio deck. then you will have to decide if you want a wooden deck, structural plastic ( highly recommended ) or just leave it the concrete slab. You would need to build a base for ventilation so the wood wont rot. From there you can start building the posts and boards.

Can you replace coping on vinyl liner pool with stone?

Afraid not. Vinyl liner pools are built using "concrete receptor coping" into which the deck is poured. It also contains the "bead receptor" that the vinyl liner attaches to. Actually YES it can. You would want to do this during a liner replacement but it can be done. You would have to remove the concrete from around the perimeter of the pool, remove/ replace the "concrete receptor coping" with bead receiver, aluminum extrusion, form/pour a bond beam, then lay your stone. Not really an easy do it yourself job but it can be done.