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2001 solara cigarett fuseThe fuse diagrams are inside of the lids on the fuse covers. Those covers (and fuse/breaker boxes are under the hood on drivers side at front of car and behind the coin tray on the lower dash next to drivers door. lighter and other fuses for interior here. cigarett is last on right at the bottom blue 15a fuse

Also, under the dasboard about where your left foot would rest.

And don't forget your owner's manual. You'll find the layout for both boxes and fuse ratings there.

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Q: Where can you find a free fuse box diagram for a 2001 Toyota Solara?
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Right here, and it's free: A great resource for anyone who's purchased a pre-owned vehicle then discovered the previous owner removed the manual. If you'd rather not print the manual from the online source you can order one from Toyota online: or from your Toyota dealer. Cheers

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