Where can you find a good training place on runescape?

This all depends on your level, some good training monsters:

Low Level, F2P:

* Goblins in Goblin Village have 12 Health each, deal relatively low damage and don't have high defense. They also drop bones (for prayer) and some runes that you can sell to earn some money * Al Kharid Warriors in Al Kharid, these have 20 health and are aggressive (meaning you won't have to click all the time), though they can easily kill a low level and are pretty crowded * Cows in Lumbridge, these have 8 health each and always drop Cow Hides (158 coins), Raw Beef (58 coins) and Bones (Prayer Experience) meaning they are good money for lower levels when selling the Cow Hides on the Grand Exchange. Though these give pretty bad experience as you have to bank frequently * Cockroach Drones in the Stronghold of Player Safety, these have 11 health and drop runes quite often. So they are good experience and decent money.

Medium Level, F2P:

* Flesh Crawlers in the Stronghold of Security, these have 25 health and deal low damage (maximum hit of 1). * Hill Giants in Edgeville Dungeon, they have 35 health, drop Big Bones and Limpwurt Roots and have low defense meaning they are perfect for earning money while getting good prayer and combat experience. However, because of this they are usually really crowded.

* Giant Spiders in the Stronghold of Security, they have 50 health and low defense, though they do not drop anything and so you won't earn any money * Cockroach Workers in the Stronghold of Player Safety, they have 54 health and drop a lot of valuable items, though they have pretty high defense and can hit quite high. * White Knight's (in Falador) or Black Knights (in Black Knight's Fortress), they have 53/42 health respectively but have significant defense and can deal high damage. They drop all sorts of valuable runes and armor. * Moss Giants in Varrock Sewers, they have 60 health, drop Big Bones and have quite low defense. Making them good for training prayer along with your combat skills. * Ice Warrior's in the Asgarnian Ice Caves. They have 59 health, are aggressive and have low health making them a good way of training combat, though their drops aren't spectacular.

High Level, F2P:

* Cockroach Soldiers in the Stronghold of Player Safety, they drop good money (1500~ coins each kill on average) in the form of law runes, rune square shields and rune scimitars. They have 96 health and significant defense, as well as a melee and ranged attack that can deal high damage. * Ankou in the Stronghold of Player Safety, they have 60-70 health and low defense, though they can deal significant damage. They drop decent money in the form of noted rune essence, mithril ore and regular coins. * Lesser Demons in the Karamja Volcano, they have 82 health and low defense, though they can deal significant damage. They have pretty bad drops with the exception of the Rune Med Helm, which is pretty rare. * Greater Demons in the Demonic Ruins/Wilderness Volcano (Warning: These are in the Wilderness meaning Revenants can and will attack you), they have 87 health and are often considered the strongest non-revenant, non-quest monsters in F2P, combined with the fact that they are only located in the wilderness means these are very dangerous to hunt. Though they drop a lot of Rune gear, Gems and Runes meaning they are also very rewarding to hunt. Low Level, P2P:

* Banshee's in the Slayer Tower (Level 15 Slayer and Earmuffs are required), they have 22 Health and drop a lot of noted Pure Essence, a decent amount of Herbs and a good amount of Green Charms, meaning they provide good money and good experience for those with the required Slayer Level * Chaos Druids in Edgeville Dungeon, they have 20 health and are perhaps the most hunted low level monster due to their distance to a bank combined with their insane herb drops. They aren't the best combat experience but you can earn a lot of money by hunting them * Rock Crabs near Relekka, they are low leveled and have 50 health, meaning they provide good experience per kill. They also drop a decent amount of Gold Charms. * Experiments in the Experiment Cave (Requires Creature of Frenkenstrain/Priest in Peril Quests), these barely deal damage and have 100 health as well as really low defense making them perfect for fast training, be aware that they don't drop anything but bones so they're bad money. Medium Level, P2P:

* Earth Warriors in the Edgeville Dungeon, they have 60 health, drop decent herbs/seeds and charms, they are aggressive and have low defense making them very good training monsters. * Moss Giants in the Chaos Tunnels, they have 60 health and drop a good amount of gold charms. The area is multi-combat and they are aggressive, meaning you can easily be killed if you don't pay attention. So be careful! * Green Dragons in the Wilderness , these are probably the most overhunted monster in Runescape (Requires Anti-Dragon Shield), and for a good reason. They drop Dragon Bones and Green Dragonhide every time you kill one, which means you earn 5,000~ coins for every kill. Because of this, though, they are very crowded and getting a dragon can be quite difficult. This is bad combat experience but amazing money. Watch out for revenants though

* Blue Dragons in Taverley Dungeon (Requires Anti-Dragon Shield), these are about the same as Green Dragons except that they drop Blue Dragonhide instead of Green Dragonhide, which is worth slightly more. They are also located outside of the wilderness which means revenants won't interrupt your hunting. * Zamorak Warriors in the Chaos Tunnels, they only have 45 health and have low defense, but they are located in a multi-combat area and can hit quite high. They drop Rune Scimitars, Rune Daggers, Adamant Longswords and a good amount of coins quite frequently, so they are good monsters for making money (though not as good as dragons). They also drop Lobsters which can extent your hunt. Be prepared to take high damage when fighting them though. * Fire Giants in the Chaos Tunnels/Waterfall Cave, they have 111 health and can deal a maximum of 11 damage, making them formidable foes. They do drop a lot of Fire Runes and Gold Charms and can drop a Rune Scimitar, which can make hunting them quite worthwhile.

* Basilisks in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (Requires 40 Slayer and Mirror Shield), they have 75 health and drop a good amount of herbs and a decent amount of Green and Gold Charms. They are also quite weak and deal little damage against people with 65+ Defense. (Unless they aren't wearing a Mirror Shield)

High Level, P2P:

* Metal Dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon (Requires Anti-Dragon Shield), these dragons can deal significant damage but their drops are very worthwhile, dropping dragon bones every time as well as having a chance to drop the Draconic Visage (which is currently worth 21,300,000 coins, nearly as much as a Bandos Godsword) required to make a Dragonfire Shield * Dust Devils in the Chaos Tunnel/Smoke Dungeon (Requires 65+ Slayer and a Face Mask), they have 105 health and drop a lot of Crimson Charms and have a low chance of dropping the Dragon Chainbody (currently worth 5,500,000 coins) * Armoured Zombie in the Chaos Temple Dungeon (Requires Defender of Varrock Quest), these have 85 health and low defense, they are also located near an altar making the use of a damage-increasing prayer such as Piety possible without the use of Prayer Potions, they are also Undead meaning you can deal a lot of damage through combining prayers and a Salve Amulet, providing very fast experience. * Abyssal Demons in the Morytania Slayer Tower (85+ Slayer Required), these drop the well-known Abyssal Whip (currently worth 2,800,000 coins) quite frequently, meaning they are great for earning money.