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Where can you find a job cleaning that pays well?


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It depends upon what type of cleaning and the geographical location where the person would like to be employed. Most cleaning agencies that specialize in private homes start their personnel at $8-$10.00 hr. with few benefits. Major cleaning companies such as OnSource which handles large corporate buildings, airlines, malls, etc. have a wage scale of $8-$17 hourly with supervisory personnel being the higher paid employees. Large companies (most are union) also offer good medical benefits, profit sharing, pension plans, paid vacation, sick leave, and so forth. Many persons start their own private cleaning business usually specializing in private homes, and do very well.

AnswerUsually the largest staff in any hotel is the Housekeeping department. Starting salaries are $7-$14 depending on location, and include full benefits (insurance, holiday pay, paid vacation). There is excellent potential for advancement. Be aware that hotel "room attendents" are expected to be available to work weekends and holiday.

If you have experience try looking into domestic agencies. It is also possible to get a live in position, if that is of any interest.


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Well they may enjoy the job or that it pays well.

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There aren't any...or I would have it!

There are several sites that one can find a job in the window cleaning business. These sites include Monster, Snag A Job, Career Builder, Indeed, and Americas Job Exchange.

Try looking on craigslist

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If you go for an interview for a job you will discuss many things with the boss. One of them will be how much a job pays. The most important thing to note is that even if the job pays well, you have to enjoy it, theres nothing worse than doing a job for one thing only, money. At fist the money may be quite scarce especially if its your first job, but if you show commitment and honesty it could be increased.

There are plenty of places where a 14 year old find a summer job that pays in Tucson, Arizona. They could babysit.,, and will help you find office cleaning job opportunities in Youngstown, Ohio.

It is a very stressful job, but pays well. And it is good in the sense that you help people by doing this job.

it depends on many things like if you like your job, if you can find a better job that pays more

A 13-year old can find a summer job that pays in the fast food field in Memphis, TN. Another option is to babysit.

look for a job in health care of at a school.

Unemployment is a good way to provide for yourself when you are out of work. However if you can find another job that pays well you should consider taking it.

Although you may have never considered seeking a cleaning job, many cleaning jobs are good opportunities for people who are seeking work. You may be able to find a cleaning job that pays well, and many companies offer benefits. Some companies require that you clean the school throughout the day, while others may only request that you clean at night after the school is closed.How Can I Find a Cleaning Job in a School?There are several ways that you can find cleaning jobs in schools. First of all, contact cleaning companies in your area that provide these services, and find out if they are looking for help. You might be surprised just how many of these companies hire people on a routine basis.Next, you can contact schools in your area or your local school system to find out if they are hiring people to clean their schools. Most schools require that you work through a cleaning agency, but they might give you a chance if you have the proper insurance, which is not expensive or difficult to obtain.What Do I Need To Do Before Getting a Cleaning Job in a School?First of all, you should remember that people who work in schools often have to go through a bit of a screening process before they are considered for the job, even if you are only cleaning and never come in contact with the students. For instance, you may have to submit to a drug test and a background check. Different school systems have different rules, so inquire about this information.Although having previous janitorial experience can help you to get a job in a school, it is not always necessary. Make sure that you point out any related experience that you may have, and remember to mention any residential cleaning jobs that you may have had as well. If you do not have any experience, many cleaning companies are willing to train you on the job, and most of the cleaning techniques that janitorial crews use are not very difficult to master.

It can be a good job and it pays well. But it also depends on if you have the experience and if you can do a good job helping people. Good luck!

Probably, if you're salaried. Get a college education and find out.

ANSWER:Typically, cleaning jobs are assigned to bussers for front of house and dishwashers for back of house. But, if none is available, obviously the toilets need to be cleaned. A manager should not put toilet cleaning on your side work though as waitresses are not paid a regular wage. It may not be in your job title, but you have a duty to you employer to do what needs to be done. If cleaning toilets or dumpster clleaning is above you, then you will never be able to find a job that you can fulfill. Just dont complain about it and do it as well as any other task that you do. I look at it this way, it all pays the same.

You should look at your local companies and higher class home owners. If you can find someone who has a large house but does not want to clean it, you will have a good chance getting a cleaning job as long as you are trustworthy.

Inherent in the question is the implication that you don't have a career. A goal would be to find a career, not a job. When looking for a job, do whatever pays you, is local to you and is not your number one hobby. To find a career, try several different jobs until you find what you are good at and pays you enough so that you can pursue your other life goals.

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It is quite hard to get a well payed job without a degree. The best thing to do is get a job that pays quite well (ex. waiter, secretary) and work your way up. You will never get into a job straight away that pays £50,000 for example, but you can work your way up from £20,000 to £50,000 with experience.

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