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It depends upon what type of cleaning and the geographical location where the person would like to be employed. Most cleaning agencies that specialize in private homes start their personnel at $8-$10.00 hr. with few benefits. Major cleaning companies such as OnSource which handles large corporate buildings, airlines, malls, etc. have a wage scale of $8-$17 hourly with supervisory personnel being the higher paid employees. Large companies (most are union) also offer good medical benefits, profit sharing, pension plans, paid vacation, sick leave, and so forth. Many persons start their own private cleaning business usually specializing in private homes, and do very well.

AnswerUsually the largest staff in any hotel is the Housekeeping department. Starting salaries are $7-$14 depending on location, and include full benefits (insurance, holiday pay, paid vacation). There is excellent potential for advancement. Be aware that hotel "room attendents" are expected to be available to work weekends and holiday.

If you have experience try looking into domestic agencies. It is also possible to get a live in position, if that is of any interest.

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Q: Where can you find a job cleaning that pays well?
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