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Where can you find a list of all the Pokemon featured in Pokemon Ruby?

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Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex then youll see a list of Pokemon.
There are numerous Pokemon. A small list of them are Squirtle, Wartortle, Metapod, and Bulbasaur.

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Where can I find a list of all Pokemon moves?

Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex then youll see a list of Pokemon.

List of Pokemon in Emerald?

Their the same Pokemon that you get in Ruby and Sapphire.

What are all the Pokemon obtainable in Pokemon Ruby?

There are about 386 possible pokemon that can be obtained in Pokemon Ruby. The list is too large to be listed here. Instead, refer to the related links section for a website that has the entire list.

Can you show a list of what levels all the Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby evolve at?

If I was able to name every level that Pokemon in Pokemon ruby evolve at, I would be 20. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you.

How does the nature in Pokemon ruby affect the stats of the Pokemon?

There are many different ways that natures affect Pokemon. For a complete list, try and look through Pokemon cheats. You should find everything you need there.

How many steps does it take for a Pokemon with pickup ability to find an item in Pokemon ruby?

Everything is just completely random it takes a few battles then you go to the Pokemon list in the pause screen then take its item.

Please can anybody help. i need a List of Pokemon that are NOT in Pokemon ruby.?

Hassuboo,Yamirami,Habunake,Runatoon and Kayorga are Hoenn non-available in Ruby Pokémon:

Where can you find the featured question list?

Click "Featured questions" in the blue bar. The link can be found in the "Related Links" section of this answer.

As got a list of where all the masterballs are in ruby?

Each Pokemon game has one Masterball..

Is there a online list of the Pokemon ruby national pokedex?

Where can you find a list of all Pokemon in sapphire?

The fastest and most plain way to find a list of those Pokemon is to just do a search on Google saying "List of Pokemon from Saphire"

FireRed Pokemon list?

to get the Pokemon list go to there click on the pokedex you will find all the Pokemon there

Where can you find a list of Pokemon?

What are all the Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find a bunch of Pokemon but i realy don't want to list them.

Does Pokemon Ruby game shark codes work on Pokemon Ruby destiny?

Because its a hacked or modded version of ruby, yes they will work. Just be careful what you use at what time in the game or event. If you are looking for a list of cheats try looking for ruby cheats on they have notepad doucments etc., that has a complete list of cheats made by users. If you want something specific, google the cheat as "Pokemon Ruby (the cheat you want) (gameshark code or action replay code)" Example, I want a Master Ball. Search: "Pokemon Ruby Master Ball Gameshark code"

Where can you enter the master code on your gba game for Pokemon Ruby?

if you have a gameshark go to the title named Pokemon ruby then open that list up. Where you enter the master code is where it says something like this mudt be on.

Can you list the Pokemon that can find in each map in Pokemon lake online?


What Pokemon can learn strength in Pokemon ruby?

What I usually do is look through my PC for Pokèmon that look like they have "muscles". If you can't find any that way, go to or and search for "Strength" and you will get a list of Pokèmon that can learn that move.

What is the list of all the Pokemon in the safari zone on Pokemon ruby?

Here are all the Pokemon you can get: Wobuffet, Stantler, Girafarig, Oddish, Gloom, Pikachu, Natu, Psyduck, Goldeen, Magikarp, Pinsir.

Where can you find a list of all the Pokemon?

You can try

Were can you find an evolution list for Pokemon emerald?

Where can one find a list of Pokemon books?

One can find lists of Pokemon books from Amazon, eBay. Bulbapedia website have a complete list of Pokemon books. They also provide a collection of titles known as Pokemon related books.

List of all songs Lil Wayne has made and featured in?

List of every song lil Wayne has mad or featured in

Which Pokemon can you not catch in ruby?

go to and on the side it says the systems. look for the gba and click it then click the box that says cheats click the letter p in the alphabet and look for ruby/ sapphire and sroll all the way down and there is a big list of Pokemon you cant catch in ruby or sapphire

What is the best website of a Pokemon pokedex? has a list of every Pokemon and shows where and how to find them.