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Illinois Fireworks Laws
CONSUMER FIREWORKSSpecifically Permitted Sparklers, snake/glow worm pellets, smoke devices, trick noisemakers, and plastic or paper caps. Specifically Prohibited Firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, and bombs.

DISPLAY FIREWORKS Display Permit Required. Apply to local authorities at least 15 days before display date. Insurance Required. No amount specified in state law. Operator No license specifically required in state law but display must be handled by competent individual designated by local authorities. Sale Fireworks must be purchased from licensed wholesaler.

MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Safe plant location and storage areas specified in state law.

LICENSING Manufacturing permit required, $50 fee, apply to State Fire Marshal. Governing body will require a bond of not less than $1,000 from the licensee.

State of Illinois
Division of Fire Prevention
1035 Stevenson Drive
Springfield, IL 62730-4219

LAW NUMBER 425 ILCS 30, 425 ILCS 35

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Q: Where can you find a list showing the fireworks laws by state?
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