Where can you find a mermaid camp?

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How do you find mermaid on Sims 2?

U can not find a mermaid on sims 2. You can make one though.

What are the release dates for Camp Lakebottom - 2013 McGee the Mermaid Welcome to Buttcon 1-18?

Camp Lakebottom - 2013 McGee the Mermaid Welcome to Buttcon 1-18 was released on: USA: 23 November 2013

Are there any mermaid games?

you can find mermaid games on this is a website with lots of girl games and mermaid games.

Where can your 11 year old dauhgter go to mermaid camp?

maybe look at the age ranks

Where can you find mermaid games?

There are many places to find mermaid related games. There is a site called Little Ariel, in which users can play games about the Disney's Little Mermaid. Alternatively, Girls Go Games has mermaid games too.

Where do you find a mermaid on sims 2?

You don't find a mermaid,but there are downloads for tails and makeup at always do videos on youtube of mermaids and mermen but they just downloaded mermaid tail leg wear.

When does rina 's boyfriend find out she is a mermaid in mermaid melody?

He doesn't. In the anime or the manga.

Where can you buy a mermaid costume from h2o that are swimmable?

you can find H20 mermaid tails in party city

Where can you buy a mermaid tail like a mertailer but cheaper?

Where you can find a mermaid tail but cheaper is, walmart.

Where can you find mermaid dolls?

In a toy shop or the Disney shop in town! :) Enjoy buying your mermaid doll

Where to find swimmable mermaid tails?

I think have mermaid tails for sale but they are like 150$ each.

Where do I find a mermaid tail to swim in?


Where can you find the mermaid melody songs?


Did they find an Actual Mermaid on Hawaiian beach?


Where can one find a mermaid shower curtain and other non Disney mermaid decor for a woman's bathroom?

You can check out Maybe you will find what you want.

Where can you find a mermaid costume to swim in?

you can find it in any store on Halloween

Where can find mermaid spell?

Mermaids are not real and there are no spells to make you one. They are from myth and legends. They are make believe and you can not be a mermaid.

Where can you find mermaid tails in Connecticut?

i dont think they sell them there. but the best way to get a mermaid tail would be online.

Find a easier way to become a mermaid?

You can not become a mermaid. They are not real and are make believe. People can not change into other things or mermaids. There is no way you can become a mermaid in real life.

Where abouts in the sea would you find a mermaid?


Where will you find the statue of The Little Mermaid?

Disney land!

Should you be scared when you find out your a mermaid?

No, only concerned.

How do you find a silicone mermaid tail?

go to

How do you find a real mermaid?

You can't find a real mermaid any where on earth. They are not real and do not exist in real life. They are from stories and myths that ancient people made up.

Where can you find mermaid swim fins?

You can find them in your closet, but when you're bored, you have to get out of the closet.

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