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Where can you find a oblivion ulitimate game save?

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doesnt exist

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Where do you get the dragon on oblivion for 360?

You can get the mods on 360 quite simply the only hard part is finding the game-save search youtube for modded oblivion xbox360 game-save you should eventually find one with what you want

Can you make a new game in oblivion without losing your old saves?

yes you can just dont save over them by accident

Why is my Oblivion game is crashing upon startup?

its probably cause you save too much on a new place and you are not saving it in only one one save data. also dont save it in a autosave place either

How do you use same character in a saved game in The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion in another new save game to start all over?

You can't do that. Yes you can just download and follow the Oblivion Face Exchange Lite tool. Available at OblivionNexus(Used to be called TESNexus.)

Can you go back one save in elder scrolls oblivion?

You can load any save you wish.

Save DS game?

There should be a way to save your game. It might depend on what game. Some games just save by themselves. Most games you have to find a way.

In oblivion how do you close the so save the day oblivion gate?

Do you mean "How do you close the Oblivion gate, so you save the day?" if so, then you must enter said gate and remove its power source. I small round orb like object suspended in a fire aura. Normally located in the center of the gate realm, with-in an Oblivion tower.

How do i upload gameshark game saves to a memory card?

I'm pretty sure you just have to save it in the memory card. Just like my kingdom of hearts 2, in that game you have to FIND the save to save. or press the start and find save.

How do you save multiplayer game in halo reach?

If you mean save the gameplay for a game you played in matchmaking, then go to the Theater, go to Temporary Files, find your game, and press (X) to save.

How do you get rid of the exclamation marks in oblivion?

The exclamation marks show the missing meshes for your game. If you have any mods installed, they are probably triggered by conflicts. If not, make a backup of your save games (if you want to keep them) and reinstall the game.

How do you save a game on powder game?

If you want to find out how to save it you nedd to speak to the inventor of powder game who is called Dan Ball. His son goes to R.G.S.

How do you save a Pokemon game and find it on saved games?

What platform is this? In a typical Pokémon game you just press start and hit save, and when you turn the game back on, hit continue.

Oblivion stuck behind rock wall in Gutted Mine How to get out?

Load the auto save

Is there a cheat or hack in Oblivion that allows you to restart a mission?

No, save before starting a mission.

How do you catch Entei in SoulSilver?

the easyes thing to do is start a new game and you will find a file and when you save your new game find enti on the map

Can someone answer this question Skyrim I have collected 13 of the Daedric artifacts but i lost my save game file This has made me lost 12 of my artifacts can i just collect 1 more for the trophy?

You have to have collected 15 artifacts on one save, to get the Oblivion Walker achievement. You can't do 13 on one save, and 2 on another.

You are attempting to get A gameshark DS save into a Hex Editor you cannot find your gds save files to transfer them How do you do this?

I can save the file in DS not in game cartige so i could save it.

How do you download mods for oblivion?

You can use a program called Horizon, from this you can mod your characters stats to make his stats maxed out. You will need to download Horizon and USBXTAFEXPLORER, and then get a USB Stick/ Memory card get your game save onto it, plug it into your laptop or computer and then go on USBXTAFEXPLORER, get your gamesave, put it on your desktop then open Horizon and load your game save onto it. From there you can change all of his stats, onced you are finished doing that you will need to 'Save, Rehash and Resign', unplug your device and plug it back into your xbox. Now you should have maxed out stats for your oblivion character.

Does all of The Elder Scrolls come together to make one big story?

yes becase in areana you save the world in dagerfall you save the world in marowind you save the world in oblivion you save the world and in skyrim you save the world

How do you save your game in Dead Space 2?

just find a save station walk up to it then press a or for ps3 x

How do you save a game in halo anniversary?

Pause the game and select save and quit. It will save the game from the last checkpoint. Note: There is no auto save.

How do you delete mw2 save game?

Go onto the main menu of your console and find the file usually under 'Game Save Utility' for PS3 and press triangle and delete.

How do you save on Mini Ninjas DS?

you have to find a tengu mage. he will ask you if you want to teleport to another tengu mage or save your game. click save game and when you turn it off you will start at the tengu mage you last saved from

How do you save Final Fantasy VII on PS 3?

The same way you save on the PSone or the PS2. Find a save point, access the in-game menu, select save, either of the memory card slots and save.

You had an oblivion account on xbox 360 far in the story you changed your hardrive and you have to start all over if you change back to your old hadrive will it still have all your old memory?

Assuming that you had not deleted your save game from your old hard drive then the answer is, yes, you would still have your old game. If you wanted to save your info from the old hd to the new, the easiest way would be to save the game onto a memory card and then onto the other hard drive.

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