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Hi, Check any stores that carry fabric for their pattern catalogues. You can also find older style patterns on-line, just type in "patterns" to find just about anything you are looking for. Have fun, Kate Simplicity 4055 McCalls 5647, 5444, 5155 Check your local JoAnn's store for sales.. They will periodically put these patterns on sale for $1-$2 apiece.. You can use a store coupon for 40% off if you can't wait for a super sale. from the manufacturer directly, they run about $15 apiece. Helen

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Were can i find royal blue wedding dress?

You can find a royal blue wedding dress in a lot of places. You can find them in most wedding stores but some have to be ordered.

Where can one find wedding dress pictures?

The best place to find wedding dress pictures is at your local formal dress-wear retailer. The internet will provide more options to find pictures of wedding dresses, with companies sites such as Martha Stewart's Wedding.

Where can I find a nice affordable wedding dress?

At FashionTIY you can find many affordable wedding dresses.

Where to find wedding dress vender's for my store?

You can visit wedding websites.

Can you rent your wedding dress?

Yes, you can rent your wedding dress. Go to several wedding shop rentals to find the wedding dress you prefer. Also, men's tuxes can be rented as well as can be the maid of honor and bridesmaids.

Where can I find an original modern blue wedding dress?

You can find a modern blue wedding dress online at They have a blue wedding dress on sale for $138 with a beaded halter neckline. They also have other dresses on sale there as well.

Where can I find the wedding dress from the movie the Wedding Planner?

I bought my wedding dress online .Check out the online store, or just search online at Google or something.

Where can I buy an affordable wedding dress?

The best place to find an affordable wedding dress is to go to a retailer that sells wedding dresses and ask to see their clearance rack. This process may be long and cumbersome to find the right dress, but if you find a dress that makes you happy, saving money via this method is priceless.

Where Can you find Debra Messing's black rehearsal dress from The Wedding Date?

I do wonder where to find that dress, no answers?

What materials do you find on a wedding dress?

Materials used in wedding dresses:SatinTaffetaCertain types of cottonLaceSome types of silkNetting for the veil or parts of the wedding dress.Beading on the wedding dress or sequins.

How long before your wedding did you start to look at wedding dresses?

A bride should be looking for her wedding dress a good six months before the wedding. It takes time to find the perfect dress and then there are several fittings and either taking in of the dress or letting out seams of the dress.

Where can you find a Wedding dress designer by a photo of the dress?

If you go to the pin squre mall there is a dress desinger store and it has absolutely beautiful dresses in it that's where i got my wedding dress and i loved it!

How do you dye your wedding dress?

It would be wise to find a dry cleaners that specializes in dying a wedding dress. If a person tries to dye their own wedding dress certain fabrics may not pick up the dye evenly and could ruin the dress.

Where can you find Katie price wedding dress?

shopindream website

Where can find the wedding dress under 100?

David's Bridal

What are some of the more famous wedding dress designers?

Some of the more famous wedding dress designers are Alfred Angelo and Suzanne Neville. If one visits the website of a wedding dress shop, such as Cloud Nine Bridal, one will find dresses offered by a selection of well known wedding dress designers.

Where can you find a picture of the wedding dress Brigitte Wilson wore in The Wedding Planner?

You can check on or ioffer.

Where you can find a patriotic flag wedding dress?

You're gonna have to get a dress like that custom made by a dressmaker

Where can you find a picture of Emmerdale's Charity Tate in her wedding dress?

Where online can one find wedding dress patterns?

Wedding dress patterns can be found on many websites online. They can be found on Creative Sewing tips, Denver Fabrics, Wedding Patterns and BurdaStyle Brides.

Where can I find a cheap discount wedding dress?

I know there are a lot of websites out there to find the cheapest wedding dress, but I would suggest looking at your local JCPenny store, because my wife found hers there and she loved it!

Where can you find an on-line site that makes the vintage wedding dress that Jennifer Lopez wore in the movie Wedding Planner?

You can go to they can make the dress you want.

Where can one find videos of Beyonce's wedding?

Beyonce's wedding dress can be seen in her "I was here" video. However pictures or video clips of the wedding itself are to be notoriously hard to find.

Where Can you find a Dress for summer wedding online?

You can go to your local shops or shop online, just search dresses for summer wedding on google, and then you can find many websites, a chiffon short white or lace white dress is ok for a summer wedding i think.

Where can you find wedding dresses online?

Online shopping has become a fashion. You can buy all you want on Internet, including wedding dress, such as eBay and so on. Paying so little, then you will have a dreaming wedding dress. How wonderful!