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You can find a serpentine belt diagram for a 1987 Ford Thunderbird if you click here. Everything turns the same way but the water pump and the idler which use the outside of the belt.

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It should be on the fan shroud. if not, draw a schematic before you remove it if it is already off, go to a used car lot and find a like car and draw a schematic of your own.

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Q: Where can you find a picture of how the serpentine belt goes on a 1987 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 liter V6?
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What is the oil capacity of a 1987 ford thunderbird with a 3.8 liter v6 engine?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a 1987 Ford Thunderbird , 3.8 liter V6 : With engine oil filter change : ( 5.0 U.S. quarts )

How do you remove calipers from a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

How do you remove calipers from a 1987 thunderbird? Like where do I start?

Do you have a diagram for a 1998 Chevy Prizm 1.6 liter engine serpentine belt?

A picture diagram of the drive belt routing is suppose to be on either the underside of the hood, close to the latch assemble or on the radiator support panel. also it as the same routing as a Toyota Corolla 1.6 liter 1987-1992.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

its in the gas tank!!!

Fastest lap time in talladega 500?

It was a 1987 Ford Thunderbird

Does a 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer have a serpentine belt?

not from the factory

Where is the brake light fuse on a 87 Thunderbird?

The brake light fuse on a 1987 Thunderbird is located on the back of the headlight switch. It is not in the fuse box.

Where is the safety switch located in 1987 Thunderbird?

It will be under the clutch, as it meets the firewall.

Where can I find a diagram of a 1987 Chevrolet serpentine belt?

In the belt book at most autoparts stores have a diagram section for serpentine belt routing.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

middle of car under passenger side

Which side is number1 plug on in a87 3.8 motor in thunderbird?

On a 1987 Ford Thunderbird : firewall 3 - 6 2 - 5 1 - 4 front of vehicle

Can you get a shorter serpentine belt to bypass the airconditioner on a 1987 Pontiac Bonneville?


What is the size of a 1987 Thunderbird gas tank?

According to my Chilton's auto repair manual : It depends on which size engine you have in a 1987 Ford Thunderbird 2.3 four cylinder is ( 18 U.S. gallons ) 3.8 , V6 ( 21 ) 5.0 , V8 ( 20 )

Do you have to remove the fuel tank to replace the fuel pump on a 1987 ford thunderbird?

Sorry Yes You Do.

What film won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1987?

The Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Picture in 1987 went to The Last Emperor.

What kind of turbo does the Turbo Thunderbird have?

1983-1986 Garrett turbo 1987-1988 ihi turbo

How many horses is a 1987 Ford Thunderbird pushin?

The single exhaust V8 for 1987 had about 150 hp. The 1988 with dual exhaust was 160 hp. V6 ?

What could cause a 1987 Thunderbird to stall?

AnswerIt probably needs a tuneup.check your mass air flow meter

Does the 1987 Ford Thunderbird coup 5.0L V8 have factory forged pistons like the a Ford Mustang?


How much horsepower does a 1987 ford thunder bird have?

87 thunderbird turbo coupe came stock with 190hp

How much is a 1987 Ford Thunderbird worth if totaled out?

Scrap value for a complete vehicle in CT goes for $300.

Firing order 1987 Thunderbird 5.0?

According to my Chilton book , the 1987 Ford Thunderbird 5.0 liter is not the high output version , so the firing order is : 1 - 5 - 4 - 2 - 6 - 3 - 7 - 8 The distributor rotor turns COUNTERCLOCKWISE The marked # 1 position on the distributor cap faces to the REAR and slightly towards the drivers side The engine cylinder / spark plug locations are numbered : firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 front

What transmission is in a 1987 Chevy Camaro 2.8 liter?

a th700r4

What causes the serpentine belt to break on a 1987 Buick LeSabre?

Old age Frozen or misaligned pulley

What oil filter is used for 1987 Ford F-150?

If you want a quick answer, Fram PH1 for the 4.9 liter, 5.0 liter and the 5.8 liter