Where can you find a picture of the SS Henry J. Raymond Liberty ship?

SS Henry J. Raymond, hull number 0442, was launched December 17, 1944. She was named for Henry Jarvis Raymond (1820-1869), editor and owner of the New York Times, and a supporter of Abraham Lincoln. According to the Wikipedia List of Liberty Ships referenced below, SS Henry J. Raymond survived WW2 and was sold privately after the war. She was scrapped in 1972.

No photographs of SS Henry J. Raymond could be found online. There are only two Liberties afloat as museum ships in the U.S.: the SS Jeremiah O'Brien in San Francisco; and the SS John W. Brown in Baltimore. Since all the Liberties were built on the same last, a photograph of SS John W. Brown at the Related Link below should look the same as SS Henry J. Raymond. There are a number of photos of Liberties in civilian life after the war at another Related Link below.