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I can tell you.If you are standing in front of your car facing your windshield, it is by the belt, and it has 3 bolts holding it down. It is about as big as your fist. The intake hose gets in the way so take it off. The same thing happened to my car. It overheated. Good luck

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Where is the brain in your head?

In the back. See the Related Link for a picture showing the location of the brain.

Could some one please tell me or send me a picture showing me where the thermostat on a '94 Honda civic is located?

At the top of your radiator, there is a radiator hose that goes from the radiator to the engine. Where the hose connects to the engine is where the thermostat is. There is a thermostat housing held on by two bolts which will have to be removed.

Thermostat diagram of 2000 Chrysler town and country van?

diagram showing where the thermostat is located

What way does the thermostat go in a 95 Chevy 6 cylindar truck?

The side of the thermostat that has a spring showing faces into the engine.

What is common operation picture?

A common operational picture is a large scale display of information that is used by more than one command center. An example is a strategic map of troop placement, or a map showing the location of important landmarks.

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Water do you do if you replace the water pump and thermostat but the temperature keeps showing redline?

Have the heads and head gasket checked possible thermostat in backwards

Where can you find a picture showing the location of the fuel filter on a 1998 Honda CRV?

You don't really need a picture. It is round, black, cylindrical and mounted on the engine compartment firewall almost directly below the right side windshield wiper.

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On Facebook on a desktop or laptop computer when you type a status update there will be a button that looks like a pointer used on Google Maps. Press that and it will share your location along with the status update. This is a picture showing what button to press: http://cl.ly/2s1A113D2q293g2D2O00 If you are on Facebook mobile there will be a button labeled 'Check In' on the main page and clicking that will take you through the process of sharing your location. This is a picture showing what button to press: http://cl.ly/46070E2D2N1W0F3S2o1Z

Is there wrong way to install the thermostat in a 1997 S-10 truck 4.3?

Yes! Be sure the side of the thermostat with the spring showing faces into the engine.

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Coolant temp on VW Polo is showing as being low?

Eather temp senser or thermostat.

Where can you get a picture diagram showing how to put on a serpentine belt?

picturediagram of how to install 89 Cherokee serpentine belt

Where is photograph 9 in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

See the related link below for a picture showing the photograph's exact location, along with pictures of all the differences, in the #1 Google ranked walkthrough

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His shadow, showing his lovely 'fro

Scale drawing of a room?

picture showing the width and the lenght of a room

Is there a diagram showing where the thermostat is on a 1991 Ford tempo?

Yes the design drawings for the car would show this.

How do you take a good picture without showing your teeth?

You could just smile with your mouth closed...or take a serious picture?

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