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Where can you find a place that uses the metric system?

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The metric system is used everywhere.

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Does Italy have a metric system?

Italy uses THE metric system.

Does Zambia use the metric system?

Yes, Zambia uses the metric system.

Who uses a newton?

Anyone who uses the metric system.

Why is the metric system better then the Americans system?

The Metric System is not necessarily better than the Imperial system. The Metric system merely uses base 10, which many (younger) people find easier than the Imperial's more erratic bases.

Do Turkey use the metric and the customary system?

Turkey uses the Metric System.The only country that does not use the Metric System is the USA.

What are some reason that the si system uses metric uinits and not the English system?

Only three countries still cling to the "English" system, whereas the whole world uses metric. The SI units were established in 1960 as part of a review of the metric system used at the time; it uses metric units because it is the current version of the metric system.

Who uses the metric system and who doesn't use the metric system?

Everyone but people in America uses the metric system. And why? That's a question for Social Studies! - A 6th grade answer from a 6th grade student! :)

What unit do you use to measure mass in metric system?

Mass uses (g) grams in metric systemBUT- MASS USES (kg) Kilogram IN THE SI SYSTEM

What country that's not USA that uses the metric system?

Most of Europe have adopted the metric system.

The difference between the Metric System and SI?

the SI (systeme internationale) uses the metric system for measurements

What nation created the metric system?

Only the US uses the metric system. Hope it helped :D

What measurements does France use?

France uses the metric system; in fact, the metric system is a French invention.

Are tablespoons and teaspoons part of the metric system?

No - the metric system uses ml - millilitres for small volumes

Does the us use the metric or feet system?

Every civilised country in the world uses the metric system.

Do many countries use a system called metric system?

All of Europe, (not UK) and Canada uses the metric system

Is Iceland on the metric system?

Yes. Iceland only uses the metric system and the imperial system is not widely known or accepted.

Does Switzerland use the metric system?

Yes, Switzerland, along with every country in Europe, uses the metric system.

What is the difference between the metric system and the customary system?

the metric system uses:kilogram for mass measurements,meters for length measurements.

What system of measurement does Australia use?

Australia uses the metric system.

What is a metric system in measurement?

A system that uses multiples and divisions of 10

Measurement for Germany?

Germany uses the metric system.

Which continent uses the metric system?

In all the continents are using some countries are using the metric system more in Asia and Europe most of the countries are using the metric system.

Do the English use the metric system or Imperial measurements?

The Imperial System is the most dominant in Engand. However, Europe uses the metric system.

What would you say to someone who said that the metric system is not important?

The Metric System is very important because almost all of the world uses the Metric System. It is important to know about the Metric or SI System, the English System, the U.S. Customary System, and the American Engineering System.

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