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Where can you find a radio wire diagram for the 1989-1990 Ford Tempo?


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If the colors are the same as a 1993 Ford Tempo then the following will work for you. 93 Ford Tempo radio Wiring from Service Manual The first color is the wire color, the second color is the stripe. First plug: Battery / Memory - Light Green/Yellow Ignition/Accesory - Yellow/Black Ground - Black/Green Illumination - Light Blue/Red (Connected to the Dimmer portion of the switch so radio lights will dim with switch) Orange/Black The orange/black wire is described below: Panel dimming is controlled by the instrument panel dimming switch. A variable voltage is applied through the 19 (LB/R) wire to control the brightness of the panel lamps. The display's brightness is controlled by the Main Light Switch. When the park lamps are turned on, battery voltage is applied to the Radio through the 484 (O/BK) wire, and the display dims. When the park lamps are turned off, voltage is no longer applied to the Radio, and the display brightens. (Light Blue/Red and Orange/Black both have variable outputs so you could use either one, however, the Light Blue/Red is the designated wire so you could just tape off the Orange/Black) Note that you may not use the Orange/Black wire for your aftermarket radio. Second plug: Left Front + Orange/Light Green Left Front - Light Blue/White Left Rear + Pink/Light Green Left Rear - Tan/Yellow Right Front + White/Light Green Right Front - Dark Green/Orange Right Rear + Pink/Light Blue Right Rear - Brown/Pink


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