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Where can you find a replacement for a Chrysler Infinity Gold stereo amplifier model 56007543 that came from a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

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2011-09-14 11:25:06

just had to do one of these yesterday, the original was ruined

due to water damage, but usually you can find good ones in your

local "you-pull-it" style junkyard, find a jeep grand Cherokee with

a similar sound package as yours (ie. if you have the Limited

edition sound sys, get the amp from another Limited

edition-equipped Cherokee, if you have the Premium version, get one

from one that has the Premium version in it, they should look

slightly different anyway. the reason you do this is that from my

understanding the connectors are the same, but the wires that go to

each speaker are in different spots in the connector, so it might

end up frying itself or your speakers when you power up the amp or

even reconnect the battery after you are done with the work (you

DID disconnect the battery or pull the amp fuse before you started

the job, right?)

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