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Check this place. Others do exist offering such a component. Good luck.

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Q: Where can you find a replacement for a transistor number umt3584?
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How can you find whether transistor are working or not?

There are transistor testers. The down side is that the transistor has to be removed from the circuit to be tested.

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How do you identify the base amitter and collector of transistor?

The base, emitter and collector can be identified with the data sheet of the transistor, every type of transistor can be different, you can find data sheets easily when you google the type of transistor.

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How much gain does a good transistor usually have?

A: A transistor has non linear gain. To find the gain a Q point must be specified

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How could be connect transistor?

There are generaly three terminals to transistors. Emitter, Base and Collector (sometimes a fourth terminal 'Shield' is added) They come in different packages, of plastic or metal cans. You would have to look up the transistor number in a data sheet, or book, to find out which pins are what.

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