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There are many sites that offer samples of hardship letters, depending on the purpose of the letter. A search of "sample employment hardship letter" will bring many of the sites up. I am posting a link for a search I did. You should find what you're looking for within that page.

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Q: Where can you find a sample employment hardship letter?
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Where can you find a sample drivers license hardship letter?

To find a sample driver license hardship letter, you need to do an internet search. The internet search will provide you with samples.

Sample of request letter for employment certificate?

There are various sources to find a sample of request letter for employment certificate. This is a formal letter which should include all your personal details in requesting for the employment certificate.

Where can you find sample hardship letters?

What do you mean by hardship letters?AnswerWriting hardship letters to a mortgage company. AnswerYou can find an example hardship letter at these web sites: letterplease someone send me a sample of a hardship letter, my mortgage company is requesting one. im a getting behind with my monthly payments. thank-you carlos Gomez

Sample hardship letter for school financial aid?

You can find sample hardship letters for school financial aid in various places. However, they should only serve as a guide to help you draft your own letter. You should try to include as much details as possible.

Where can you find a sample of a hardship letter for a mortgage?

Writing hardship letters does not have to be difficult, but you need to know what your lender is looking for. Many homeowners simply do not understand the basics of writing an effective hardship letter and this is costing them their homes.The Main Points of Sample Hardship Letter1. Reason in Subject Line: In a short sentence you will explain to the loss mitigator the reason for writing your hardship letter. Because it is in the subject lien the person in charge will have the point before reading the body of the letter. 2. Brief Document: The sample hardship letter will keep on point. There is no reason to tell your life story here and you will be kept on track.3. It's Personal: The person reading the letter will get to know you through this letter. Your name will stick in their memory because it's human nature to want to help people you know.4. Clear Points: The sample hardship letter will keep you on track with concise paragraphs and a summary.5. The Whole Hardship Kit: The instruction with the sample hardship will help you get a list of the documents you'll need to send along. These should include bank statements, income tax statements, letters of reference. etc.6. Your Appreciation: Because this person is there to help you your sample hardship letter will a few sentences of appreciation. This will also help cement your situation into the mind of the loss mitigator. People in tough jobs like to be appreciated.

Where can you find a hardship letter sample for lender due to divorce?

You can just simply write your reasons you are having a hard time paying. You can then request and offer a remedy.

Solicitation Letter Sample?

A solicitation letter is a letter which attempts to persuade the recipient to do something. You could find a sample of one online.

Where can you find a sample letter of appointment for a contractor?

You can find sample business letters at You aslo can find some sample letters at

A sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of Texas Where can you find one?

Sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of texas

Where can I go to find a 401k Hardship letter?

Check with your employer to see what they want in a hardship letter. They may just need some information such as reason for the hardship, amount of the loan and your scheduled repayment period. You may need to craft a letter of your own with this information as well. Your HR department will be able to tell you for sure.

How do you find letters of financial hardship?

An excellent site for sample letters to creditors and other useful creditor/debtor information

Where can you find a sample letter to request additional payments to be put towards principal?

You can find sample letters at places such as the LoveToKnow website. The letter should be used only as a form.

Where can you find job application sample letter for accounting and bookkeeping?

please check google and you can get thousands of sample letters, but make sure you use "sample application letter" as search key.

Apology letter to people you love?

I find the following source useful for sample letters. A sample apology letter is also included. See if it helps.

Where can you find samples of hardship letters?

You can find great examples of hardship letters at the website Loan Safe.

Where can you find a sample hardship letter to help you write to a mortgage company?

Hardship letters are a fallacy in the respect that a creditor will give even the smallest attention to them.The best choice is to contact the lender directly and discuss what options might be available until one's financial situation improves. Most lending institutions have a specified department that handles such matters.There is no guarantee that the lender will be agreeable to any terms other than those contained in the original lending agreement but it is better than doing nothing.The individual can of course send a letter explaining their personal circumstances but he or she should be prepared to receive a form letter containing the customer assistance phone number.Another answerI have written more than a couple Hardship Letters for my credit card companies that have resulted in lowered interest rates and lowered payments.Hardship letter sample can be find online, there are lots of websites that offer samples and templates for the letter that would give you the chance to stop a foreclosure.

Sample letter requesting financial aid?

You can find sample letters for financial aid for college on the website CollegeScholarships.

Sample letters asking for financial assistance?

You can find several sample letter asking for assistance on the website GoBookee.

Where can you find a Sample Sales Letter Templates?

A sample sales letter template can be found in Microsoft Word under the headings file, new document and then templates.

Where can you find an example of a hardship letter for a mortgage when trying to purchase a home on a short sale?

I found both an instructional guide to writing a hardship letter, and a few different examples of such at the following address: luck.

Sample letter of intent for internship?

You can find a sample letter of intent for internship on various sources. However, when writing such a letter, make it formal and include all the relevant details in your application as an intern.

Where can i find a sample letter of a 10 day repossession letter after repossessed?

need a 10 day letter after vehicle is repossessed

Where can I find a sample of a Thank You letter?

Where can you get sample cover letters for applying for a homeless shelter job?

where can I find a sample cover letter for applying for a homeless shelter job

Sample letter asking for job description?

There are many sources of the internet to find a sample letter asking for job description. However, you should draft a letter that is formal and relevant while using the samples as a guide.