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2008-03-13 23:48:26
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Q: Where can you find a schematic and or parts list for a 12 gauge Savage Springfield Model 67 pump?
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What was a springfield model 67F Savage Arms corp?

Mine is a 12 gauge pump. Chambered for 3" shell.

Why does an A-5 semi auto 12 gauge shotgun clone have Springfield marked receiver if Springfield denies making it did Springfield make them anticipating patent rights from Browning but failing?

Springfield was a trade name used by Stevens/Savage c. 1920-1945. No relationship to the current Springfield Inc or the US Springfield Armory. What you have is a Savage Model 720 built under license from FN (Browning) They where also made by Remington with the Model 11 designation.

Where can I get a schematic drawing of a Stevens model 315 Shot gun?

I've got a Springfield 12 gauge double in for repair and it appears to be from studying the Jack Frost catalog to be a Stevens 315. Go to and they have a schematic listed for $.99.

What is the value of Savage Springfield Model 67-E 12 gauge shotgun?

These are valued between 125-180 dollars,based on overall condition of your shotgun.

Where is the model number on an old 16 gauge Savage shotgun?

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Value of 12 gauge savage shotgun?

model 620-a

What is the age and value of a Springfield Model 18 12 gauge Savage Arms Corp Chicopee Falls Mass proof tested 2-34?

About $100 in very good condition.

What is the value of the Savage Model 24 - 3030 -12 gauge?

A Savage model 24 -3030- 12 gauge in good condition is valued at $500. It is a rifle over shotgun combo.

What barrel does the 220 model savage have?

The Savage model 220 was available in 12 gauge,16 gauge,20gauge,28gauge,and 410 gauge chambered barrels,with a barrel length of between 26 inches-32 inches.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Springfield Model 3114?

I'd bet that is 311A instead of 3114. Savage/Stevens re-named the Model 5100 as the 311 series about 1942 and discontinued the Springfield name in 1948. Depending on condition, it should be worth between $150 and $250.

What is the age and value of a savage arms Springfield model 944 twenty gauge?

The Savage/Stevens model 944 was made from 1936-1942.There were 1,500 made during this time span.The value would be hard to establish without a more detailed description of your shotguns overall condition.

Who makes sear roebuck 12 gauge model 101.5380?


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