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Where can you find a schematic chart of the front steering knuckle assembly for a 91 Ford Tempo?


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2004-09-22 16:39:08
2004-09-22 16:39:08

Cheapest way is to go to your local library and check out a repair manual on your make and model of vehicle. Chilton and Haynes put out very detailed guides on location and replacement of most parts.


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you need to remove the entire steering knuckle and have a machine shop press out the hub and bearing for you.

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I'm not sure on a "schematic" but here's the wiring info and color coordinations:

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Yes.I have a 1994 Ford tempo GL with a 2.3l engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power locks and tilt steering.

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Go to:

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AnswerUnless you have access to a 50 Ton press, this is a job best left to professionals. ****SERIOUSLY***** Nevertheless, if your still willing to do it read below:Ok, I just finished this project and it was a NIGHTMARE. The wheel baring is pressed on to the wheel hub with the steering knuckle in the middle. (simple diagram below) At this point (2009) your ONLY choice is to go to a junk yard that has a ford tempo or a mercury topaz in it and remove the whole wheel baring/steering knuckle/wheel hub assembly. I called dealerships and this whole assemble is obsolete, and no after market part is made for it at any parts store in the country unless you pay for a company to custom make it for you costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.engine/transwheel bearing---->steering knuckletire"----->" This symbol to the left means (goes into or fits into)Now it is not IMPOSSIBLE to get the "wheel baring/steering knuckle/wheel hub assembly" apart HOWEVER, when it was made in the Ford plant, a 100,000 Lb Press was used to do this, so attempting this will only result in HORRIBLE failure.When you go to the junk yard and find a matching assembly you will have to: 1) Remove the left wheel. 2) Using a small, sharpened punch, raise the indentation in the axle nut that is locking it in place via a groove in the spindle. 3) Remove the axle nut (it's very tight at about 200 ft-lbs). 4) Undo the lower ball joint (control arm) from the hub assembly by removing the pinch bolt and sliding the joint's stud free. 5) Undo the steering arm that attaches to the steering knuckle. 6) Undo the brake caliper and remove the steering knuckle from the strut assembly by removing another pinch bolt and carefully driving it off. 7) Using a brass drift pin, carefully drive the axle spindle out of the hub and the axle will be free. 8) Slide off the brake disk and the wheel baring/steering knuckle/wheel hub assembly will be free from the car. After getting this far, installing it should be a breeze.I remind you that my grandfather and I have just spent about 8 hours learning how to do this and if you want to fix your wheel baring this is your ONLY option because of how ford designed this front end assembly.Have a LOT of patience and good luck!

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