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Did you a mean Remington SPR220? Remington SPR220 is a side-by-side shotgun. You can get a schematic of this fine shotgun from down loading the owners manual from Remington.


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Q: Where can you find a schematic for the Remiongton SPR 221 made by Baikal?
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What is the difference between 1187 Remington and the Baikal auto shotgun made by Remington?

Baikal isn't made buy Remington; it just has the name stamped on the side. It is made by baikal of russia

Is the Remington Spartan side by side cowboy shotgun the same as a Baikal or made by Baikal?


Where can I find a schematic for this gun?

You will have to provide the name of who made it and what model for anyone to be able to begin to help.

Where is the baikal mp 153 made?


How old is your baikal air rifle serial no 90051110?

You will need to state the model if you want an answer. Baikal has made several different models

Where do I find a schematic for a rosco vest pocket .22 revolver?

Rosco was one of several brands of inexpensive revolvers made by the firm of Röhm Gesellschaft (RG) in Sontheim West Germany. Many of these inexpensive guns were imported into this country prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968. Sorry, but you are unlikely to find a schematic- these were made in an era when you did not HAVE a schematic. To be painfully blunt, the RG revolvers of this ilk are of such low quality that they are not worth repairing.

Are baikal rifles Russian?

yes they are made in russia

When was the Baikal IJ 58 MA made?

on year 1958.

Where are baikal made?

Russia. The model "IZH" stands for Izhevski (factory).

Where are Baikal shotguns made?

Made in Russia

Will Baikal choke tubes fit a Spartan?

I am a gun dealer in Asheboro, NC (Franks gun and pawn). Yes, the Baikal choke tubes will fit. This gun is made by Baikal for Remington. It used to be imported under the EAA name. You can also get tubes at Colonial choke tubes.

When was baikal model nk 18m made?

Mine was manufactured February 20. 1984

Need to know where to find replacement barrel for Baikal over and under shotgun 410 gauge and if this barrels will fit a spr 310 Russian made Remington 410 gauge shotgun?

SORRY, you will never find any because there are none available !

When was the Baldwin model 41 P made?

baldwin 41 schematic

When was the Baikal MP153 with serial number 0115345714B made?

2001 - the first 2 digits are the year of manufacture.

What is a baikal izh 18 m worth?

Excelent single barrel shotgun... inexpensive russian made!

What is rifle twist in the Remington mod spr 18 in 243 cal?

You will have to measure it. Hammer-forged barrels made by Baikal can have quite a bit of variation in the rate of twist. I have a Baikal .243 that was supposed to have 1:10. I measured it, and it is actually 1:8.6!!

What are some physical features of Russia?

made up of lowlands,contains forests and swamps,lake baikal,ural mts,ural river

What choke tubes will fit a Spartan SP-310 OU by Remington?

The Spartan is manufactured for Remington in russia. I believe the company that makes them is Baikal. You'll probably have to order the choke tubes. Standard Rem-chokes won't work. Cabela's sells the choke tubes for the Remington Spartan Side-by-Side, also made by Baikal in Russia.

What is the value of a Baikal 12 gauge single shot gun made in USSR serial number 1829200390 6?

About $100 to $200

What are some of Russia's physical features?

made up of lowlands,contains forests and swamps,lake baikal,ural mts,ural river

How old is a baikal IJ-26-E serial number 14909?

Made sometime between 1969 and 1976. No published serial number data. Sorry.

Where can you get a free schematic for a Rossi 22lr cal revolver made in Brazil?

Send me a message with your e-mail address.

Where can you purchase a detachable scope mount for a Baikal 12 gauge and .223 combination gun?

B-Square made rings that clip to the scope rail.

Where can you find schematics for a bill Cody commemorative rifle?

Depends on who made it. Most commemorative firearms have the same parts as a non-commemorative, just different finish/ markings. If your rifle is, say, a Winchester 94, then any schematic for a Win. 94 will be close to what you have.