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We carry mounts for that rifle: Weaver, Leupold and Burris.

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Q: Where can you find a scope mount for a 270 Win caliber Stevens Model 200?
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What is the scope mount for a Stevens model 325-c?

what is the scope mount for savage 325 c

Where can you find a scope mount for bolt action 3030 Stevens model 325a?

you can get that mount at mid way

Where can you find a scope mount for a Stevens model 87a?

Scope mounts that mount on the left side of the receiver using the four screw holes are available from Weaver.

Lyman rifle scope mount model 422 this is on an old modell 66c Stevens .22 cal rifle. the scope is not adjustable but the mount is. How old is it?

50's or so

How can you mount a scope on a Stevens Savage 12 gauge pump model 520?

The receiver will need to be drilled and tapped for a mount. See a gunsmith.

Where could a person find a scope mount or peep sight for a Stevens model 830?

Savage 325c rear peep?

Where can you get a mount for your scope for a Remington Model 750?

The scope mount for the Remington Model 750 is regularly sold at

You are looking for a scope mount that will fit a JC Higgins bolt action 22 caliber The model number is 10516?

I have a J. C. Higgins model 10516 with the original 4X scope . The scope mount says J.C. Higgins 4X PATD , MFD by W.R. Weaver Co. El Paso TX. IT also has N3 stamped on the mount. Hope this helps.

What would be the proper scope mount for a Springfield Model 15 - .22 long rifle?

This would be very difficult as the Springfield Model 15 .22 caliber rifle is already an antique. Try the Burris 3 - 9 x 40 scope and hopefully there will be enough room for the holes to mount.

What is a bolt action Stevens 22 caliber Buckhorn Rifle model 56 in pretty good condition with a five shot magazine and 4x scope on it worth?

100 USD

Can you mount a scope on a model 94 Winchester?


Can you mount a scope on a Stevens savage 12 gauge?

Yes, it can be done by a competent gunsmith or machinist.

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