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If you go to and register as a buick owner (this is free), you can view a pdf(can view with Acrobat Reader) of the owner's manual which has a diagram of the Serpentine belt. Once you register, click on "Glovebox" and then "Owner's Manuals" (in the index of the pdf, it is called "Belt, Engine Accessory")

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Q: Where can you find a serpentine belt diagram for a 1996 Buick Riviera?
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There should be a schematic on the fan shroud for the serpentine belt I don't know about a '98 Riviera but I have a 1996 Riviera & it's in my original owners manual. Athough I do not have a engine belt diagram on the fan shroud, I do have a decal for the enviormental control system. ANSWER: There is a schematic in the owner's manual of the '98 Riviera.

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