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Where can you find a speaker wiring guide for a 1998 VW?


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Typical VW What It Is In Dash Wire Color 1)Right Rear Speaker (+) Blue w/ Green Stripe 2)Right Rear Speaker (-) Brown w/ Red Stripe 3)Right Front Speaker (+) Red w/ White Stripe 4)Right Front Speaker (-) Brown w/ White Stripe 5)Left Front Speaker (+) Black 6)Left Front Speaker (-) Brown w/ Blue Stripe 7)Left Rear Speaker (+) Blue w/ Green Stripe 8)Left Rear Speaker (-) Brown w/ Red Stripe 9)Do Not Use 10)Do Not Use 11)Do Not Use 12)+12 Volt Ignition Wire Brown w/ Red Stripe 13)Do Not Use 14)Dash Light Dimmer Wire Gray w/ Blue Stripe 15)+12 Volt Battery Wire Thick Red w/ White Stripe 16)Ground Wire Thick Brown Wire (1-8)is brown connector (9-16)is black connector


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