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Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, physician and nursing referral service at 001-880-800-821-4277.

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Q: Where can you find a urologist kidney specialist in Tijuana?
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Why do you get regular kidney infections?

You could have kidney stones, or you could just be prone to them. Drinking or eating too much sugar. The best way to find out of course is to see a urologist.

Where to find a perfect kidney specialist?

Ask your doctor what is near you. There are always specialists around that your doctor can refer you to.

Right kidney hurts been to doctor twice no kidney stone?

Ahoy this is and I am a chronic kidney stone former, to date I have had 18 kidney stone surgerys and more to go. It has been my experience with stones and urologist that the NO Stone thing is a typical answer to stone formers from the Doctors. There are so many places that a stone can hide in the kidney and they can be translutent, but you can bet if it is a hidden stone it will appear with time, you can count on it. There are also many other things that can cause a kidney to hurt, all you can do is cover all the bases and keep seeing your Urologist or , different Xrays can find hidden stones sometimes. I feel for you, just keep going and stay strong.

What does a urologist specialize in?

A urologist is an expert in the Male and Female reproductive and urinary organs. This includes many organs in the body, from the prostate to the kidneys. You can find more information on what a urologist does at

Where can one find information about different kidney cancer treatment types?

Treatments for kidney cancer can be obtained from a person's general practitioner or family doctor, or specialist information can be found from an oncologist who solely practices in cancer treatment.

where can i find a good drug rehab center in tijuana mexico?

You can try They are a great rehab center in Tijuana Mexico.

Where to find a chase bank in tijuana?

There is not a Chase Bank nowhere in Tijuana and that is per Chase. The only Chase in Mexico is in Mexico City. The closet to get to Tijuana if you can cross into the USA, is in San Ysidro California.

I need to find a TRUE specialist who is and has performed Laparoscopic surgery on incisional/ventral hernia's. ?

better to go for Hernia Specialist Training Course, in that we can find the true specialist.

Can you find Jose jaauregui in tijuana?

No. It is a pretty large city to find someone by name only.

Where do you find Ralts?

Tijuana homie, just don't forget the tacos!

Find Yellow pages tijuana Mexico?

i need to put a notice in a news paper in t.j im trying to find someone that was deported. to tijuana but i dont know tha exact date can someone help me.

How hard is it to get circumcised?

Not very just find a urologist that is hardp for the money you are going to pay him/her.

Need to find a doctor to perform an adult circumcision in Connecticut?

You can either contact a urologist or a general surgeon.

Where do you find information on Dr McCoy in Tijuana?

They don't work in Tijuana anymore. They moved to: 2359 E Thompson Blvd, Ventura - (805) 585-2249

Where can I find the best resource for kidney stone symptoms?

In order to find the symptoms of kidney stones you can search the Mayo Clinic website. You can also search for kidney specific specialists in your local area.

Dr mendoza tijuana Mexico?

No. It is a pretty large city to find someone by name only.

Where can you find a doctor that does circumcision in your area?

Ask any urologist and with a bit of luck he will be a responsible medical practitioner and talk you out of it.

A man urinating too frequently?

That can be either a symptom of an enlarged prostate, or of diabetes. You need to see a urologist to find out.

Can a guy have a vasectomy at 22 years old?

Of course, you just have to find a urologist willing to do so. I called up my local urologist, made an appointment two weeks later for consultation, and had it done 3 days afterwards; all at 22.

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You can find a plumbing repair specialist in your area very simply. Go online and use this website to find a specialist; Fill in your home area and the result will appear instantly, click the specialist you want and call the number on the screen.

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One can find an air ride suspension specialist in San Diego on craigslist. AOS is a craigslist user who offers support as an air ride suspension specialist in San Diego.

Is there a dietary site that caters to people with kidney disorders who still need a daily diet plan?

You can find a local health specialist in your area by checking your Yellow Page Book. They will also have coupons in the back of the book that you can use at various places.

What is a good name to name for an eye specialist?

Finding the name of a good eye specialist will depend on where you are located. A good way to find a good eye specialist is to ask friends for recommendations. Another way to find a good eye specialist is to search online for reviews of local eye specialists to decide which one will work for you.

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No. It is a pretty large city to find someone by name only.

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You can find a outdoor furniture specialist online or you could look in the yellow pages or a directory for one. One site that offers this service is