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Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 69 Grand Prix especially for the heater and vent control under the dash?


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You can find a 1969 Grand Prix vacuum diagram at most General Motors dealerships. You can also find the diagram in most 1969 Grand Prix service manuals at your local library.


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You can find a 1987 Ford E1 50 vacuum operated heater control diagram at your local Ford dealership. Most local libraries will have Ford service manuals with the diagram.

The heater control valve is used to shut off hot coolant from entering the core when the heater is in the off position. A heater control valve can be actuated by either a vacuum line or a cable from the vacuum heater control valve to the heater core. This hose should be warm; if not the heater control valve is stuck and needs to be replaced

Phew and Wow, there are many vacuum diagrams-heater/air control,brake booster,rear driveline etc.Can you be more specific and include engine size.

vacume line to the valve has broke off from manifold vac that goes to the switch

Go to the dealer and ask them to photocopy the page for you. Keep in mind though, that half of that system is vacuum contoled. You may need the vacuum diagram as well.

Some systems use engine vacuum to move the control doors. You could have a vacuum leak.

if im not mistaken the heater control has vacuum lines. take off heater controls and see if you have a bad vacuum line to heater box.

There is no heater control valve on this generation of dodges like there used to be... the water flows constantly through the heater valve.. the only control is a trap door that allows cab air to be run through the heater core and is controlled by a vacuum solenoid in the heater box.. the temp control is also vacuum operated but be sure to check the vacuum supply line coming in from the engine.... it has a check valve in it that can be keeping the controls from getting enough vacuum to operate properly.. if you don't have a mighty vac just get one of those packs of barbed vacuum fittings from your local shucks and bypass the valve temporarily and see if you get heat... hope this helps

Google search - 351M vacuum diagram

There is a heater control valve on the 1999 Ford Ranger. There is no thermal vacuum valve on this year of the vehicle.

Even a Hayne's manual nowadays includes most vacuum diagrams for emissions control items. They vary, however, from engine to engine and are different for Federal or California emissions systems. In the Related Links section are the diagrams you are looking for.

Vacuum diagram for the emission control system is located on the under side of the hood on the passenger side. For a more complete diagram, you may try vehicle repair books (such as "Motors Manual" in the library).

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It all depend if it is vacuum operated or electrical. If it is vacuum check the vacuum line attached to the intake manifold, it might have come loose. If its electrical check the heater control panel.

Possible causes are, low on coolant, thermostat stuck open, clogged heater core or vacuum scorce not getting to the heater control.

That is called a heater control valve. When you are not using your heater, vaccume closes a small valve that's in the control valve and stopes the water from going through the heater core. Therefore you get no heat inside of the cab.

Which vacuum diagram The Underhood for the engine or the vacuum for the interior /AC system?

The heater control valve is on the left hand side of the engine bay, under the air intake duct. it has two heater hoses running to it and one vacuum line running to it.

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Vacuum hoses are used to operate power brake boosters, E.G.R. valves, P.C.V. valves, and even heater/air conditioning controls just to name a few. It is very important to have these hoses hooked up correctly. There should be a vehicle emission control information sticker under the hood or on the radiator cover with a vacuum hose diagram.

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