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VACCUM ROUTINGIf you are looking for the vaccum routing or evap routing, have been able to go into a Chevy garage and ask for a vaccum or emissons book, or go into the mitchels or motor manuals book. The throttle body for the cars and the trucks are different, do not know which one you want. GNXMAN
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Q: Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 91 Chevy 305?
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A vacuum line diagram on 78 Chevrolet elcamino?

Show diagram for Chevy 305 engine

You are looking for a vacuum diagram for a 1987 Chevy Pickup 305 engine where can you get one at?

Need a vacuum hose diagram for a 1996 Chevy silverado with a 305 engine?

If you look under the hood you will see a sticker with all the vacuum lines on it.

Where can you get a vacuum line routing diagram for a Chevy Scottsdale half ton 4X4 305 with a quadra-jet carb?

It is important to have a diagram of the part of the car that is being changed. A vacuum line diagram for a Chevy Scottsdale will be found in the maintenance manual, found at auto part stores.

Where can you get a vacuum diagram for a 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo with a 305?

pick up a chiltons repair manual from the library for your car.

Need diagram of waterneck and sensor fittings for Chevy 305 1983?

1983 Chevy 305 diagram, waterneck, thermostat housing and fittings

Where can you fine the vacuum diagram for a 1986 Chevy caprice 305 engine?

The vacuum diagram is located on the catalyst sticker on the fan shroud. If that is missing, locate a GM repair manual as most DIY manuals will not cover this material.

Where could you find the vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer with a 305?

there should be one on a decal under the hood. otherwise look in the apropriate copy of "motor manual" or "chilton's" or a factory manual

Where can you get the emission vacuum diagram for 84 Chevy C10 truck 305 manual transmission Besides under the hood and for free?

email, and i will help you. bobby

Where can I find a vacuum diagram for 1979 elcamino 305?

Your local library has auto repair books that have wire and vacuum diagrams in them. They usually have them behind the counter. So you'll have to ask the staff for them.

Wiring diagram for a 305 Chevy motor from the firewall to the distributor and the solenoid?

A wiring diagram for a 305 Chevy motor can be found at a local auto parts store. It isÊ important to note that there are several different types of 305 engines and telling the stores clerk what type of car the engine is from will allow them to recover the proper wiring diagram.

What is the vacuum need to be on a 305 Chevy engine with an edelbrock carburetor?

17-22 Hg

You need the vacuum diagram for a 82 Chevy pichup 305 engine.?

go to hit the vehicle repair guides link, you will find the link at the bottom right hand corner of the page. you will need to know the year,make & type of vehicle but you will find the information you need at this site.

Where can you find a picture diagram or layout of a 1988 Monte Carlo 305 vacuum system?

purchase the haynes service/repair book this vehicle i just had to redo my 85

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for your 1984 Chevy van 305 V8 4 brl?

USUALLY I FIND VACUUM DIAGRAMS PASTED TO THE UNDERSIDE OF THE HOOD, YOU MIGHT TAKE A PAPER TOWEL TO WIPE OFF GRIME TO FIND IT . Also check the under hood side of the finder wells, or along the frame in front of the radiator.If this doesn't help a dealer can give you one in a jiffy if you just ask.

How do you connect all vacuum lines to 1985 Pontiac Parisienne 305 5.0 carburetor?

To properly connect all of the vacuum lines on a 1985 Parisienne, you will deed a vacuum system diagram. the diagram is in the vehicles service manual, which is available at most auto parts.

Can a 89 Chevy Cheyenne 305 have a Holley Four barrel Carburetor?

A small one with vacuum secondaries.

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a Pontiac parisienne?

Most of the time you can find it right where the radiator is on the front end of the car. That is, if it survived all the engine washes, years of damage and wear and tear. Look... Here's a picture of my 1985 v8 305 Pontiac Parisienne Brougham vacuum diagram.

Where does a 87 Chevy 305 map sensor vacuum line connect?

on the back of the throttle body or intake port.

Where can you find a good vacuum diagram like the one that comes under the hood of a 1979 cutlass supreme that has a chev 305?

Try a JC Whitney catalog. I think they have a www but I dont have the link.

Do you realy need all the vacuum hoses in a 85 Chevy truck 305 engine?

The only vacuum lines you need on the old carb moters is for ur break booster and vacuum advanced distributer

Are the motor mounts for a Buick 305 the same as a Chevy 350?

If the Buick 305 is really a Chevy 305, then the motor mounts will interchange with a Chevy 350.

Where can you get the vacuum diagrams for an '86 Chevy Silverado with a 305?

well depending on which one you are refering most can be purchased at an auto parts

Where can you get firing diagram for 1998 Chevy truck with 305 engine?

any motor manual,chilton,s or haynes will have a firing order diagram . the firing order is 18436572

Where does the vacuum modulator hose go on a 1981 Chevy C10 with a 305 and 4 barrel carburetor?

It needs to be attached to a full time vacuum source such as a port on the intake manifold.