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Where can you find a vacuum line diagram for a 1987 Pontiac Fiero 2.8 liter V6 engine?


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i found the diagram in the chiltons repair manual

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You can find a vacuum line diagram for your 85 Pontiac Fiero in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also find it at different auto part stores.

what is the smog and vaccum diagram for the 87 Pontiac fiero 2.5L 4 cylinder what is the smog and vaccum diagram for the 87 Pontiac fiero 2.5L 4 cylinder

There is someone with a Olds 455 in his Fiero, but he had to remove the trunk.

Drop the cradle & engine together

Pontiac Fiero was created in 1984.

The engine support cradle is usually what fails

1984-1988 pontiac fiero with the 2.5L engine or any pontiac with the 2.5L engine

on a sticker located on the underside of the hood on the right side

How do you replace the alternator on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero

MAP Sensor LocationOn a 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT 2.8L V6. It is bolted to the end of the intake plenum on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

A steady 20-25 at idle My freshly rebuilt 2.8 runs at 22.

It is at the bottom of the front engine bay wall off set to the passenger side.

Just one in the engine compartment under the thermostat cap.

On the exhaust pipe, from where it leaves the engine, but before the catalytic converter.

There is no Carburetor, this is a fuel injected engine

what is the fuel pressure on a 1987 fiero gt

YES! You can put ANY small block Chevy into a Fiero. Visit here, http://www.v8archie.com/, there you can find the conversion kit (minus the engine) and answers to all of your questions.

Suzuki and TVs are motorcycles Pontiac Fiero is a very rare collectors sports car.

my uncles 84 fiero only opens with keys. My Fiero has a button on the top right of the gauge cluster that will open the trunk. It has to have a battery or the engine running to do so though.

The alternator lives low on the passenger side rear of the engine. Repair and adjustment done from underneath

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