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Where can you find a wiring diagram for a water softener?


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March 08, 2008 1:47AM

An electrical applicance such as a water softener should have a "Rating Plate" somewhere on the casing. The plate should give the name of the manufacturer as well as the voltage required to power it. It should also have a mains cable coming out of it and maybe a plug. If there is no plug the cable should contain coloured wires according to the local wiring codes or regulations. If it does not have such a "rating plate" and no cable with a plug or colored wires then it's best to dispose of it properly at a scrap yard because the plate and cable are very likely to have been removed by a licensed electrician before he sent it to be scrapped because it did not work and it was too expensive to repair. However someone may have decided to sell it instead of leaving it at a scrap yard. Of course that is just a guess because the questioner does not say anything about the make or the type or the actual condition of the water softener, but, if there is no cable (with or without a plug) and no rating plate, then a qualified electrical engineer's advice to the questioner would be: Don't even think about trying to use it! Having said all that, if there is a clean-looking cable coming out of it and it has a Rating Plate, then surely the obvious thing to do is to contact the manufacturer for information about installing and using the water softener...