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Firstly, you do not need to "wire" you stereo in as such as, unless your car has had its audio connectors chopped off, you can buy the adaptors from all good car audio retailers.

I doubt you will find a definite wiring diagram online, but i can give you some advice.

You should have at least 7 wires (Dependent on the amount of speakers you have) as below:

  • Permanent Live
  • Ignition Live
  • Ground/Earth
  • 2x Left Speaker (Front)
  • 2x Right Speaker (Front)

You may find you have more than that due to having more speakers (BTW each speaker has 2 wires). Also you may find that you have extra wires with a voltage on them, such at illumination (for when you put your headlights on) and some vehicles have a powered Ariel/antenna.

I'll explain now roughly how to find out which wire is which, but this can be dangerous so i would recommend that is you car not confident, then get a qualified person to do it for you. You will need a multimeter, some electical tape, an AA battery and a pen.

  1. Firstly you need to identify the Live wires. To do this, set your multimeter to DC and the setting that usually says something like "20". Then you need to put one end on a known earth on the car and the other end on the end of each wire with the ignition off. When you find a voltage (around 12V) then that should be you permenant live. Put some tape around it an mark it P+. Then do the same again but with the ignition on, and leaving out the wire you have just marked up. When you find a voltage (again around 12V), turn the ignition on and off a few times to see if the voltage comes and goes too. If so, tape it and mark it I+. (bear in mind that some cars may only have an ignition live or only a permenant live)
  2. Next you need to find the ground. To do this, set your multimeter to the continuity setting (so that when you touch the 2 probes together it beeps) and place the black probe onto a known good earth somehwre on the cars chasis. Then, as before, touch the other probe onto the end of each wire until the multimeter beeps, that is your earth, so tape it and mark it up as "E".
  3. Now hopefully you should be left with at least 4 wires. Now strip these wires back, pick one and hold it on the end of you battery. Then one by one touch the other wires on the other end of battery until one of you speakers makes a popping noise, then you have a pair of wires for your speaker. But before you mark it up, check to see if the speaker is "popping" in or out when you put the wires on the end of the battery. If it is popping in, then change your wires around. When it is popping out, then the wire on the +ive end of the battery is your speaker +ive wire. And obviously the wire on the other end is the -ve wire. Mark them up (EG. "FR+" for front right +ve) and move onto the next wire. until you have enough pairs for the amount of speakers you have
  4. Now you may be left with a few extra wires (EG. on vauxhalls/opels you have a separate display, so you will have many extra wires). Dont worry, just carefully tape the ends of each wire so that none of the copper inside can touch anything, and then tape them all together and tuck them away.
  5. Finally, strip and solder (or crimp) your wires to the appropriate ones on the stereo (the wiring is usally on the head unit or in the manual) and away you go.


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Q: Where can you find a wiring diagram for fitting a CD player into a 2000 VW Polo?
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