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Q: Where can you find a wiring diagram for the fuel transfer pump on a 1998 Dodge 2500 Ram pickup equipped with the 24 valve Cummings diesel engine?
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Detroit diesel, Cummings, Deutz

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this vehicle is a diesel and does not have a wiring diagram for the ignition circuits as being a diesel it does not have spark ignition

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30,000 ibs

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Nope. At one point, they owned less than 10 percent of Cummins (not "Cummings"), but have since divested themselves of it.

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how do i down load a wiring diagram for a f350 6.0 diesel engine compartment

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It is either bad door seals or the turbo that you are hearing.

How much horespower does a 600KT Cummings diesel have.?

If you mean the KTA-600 Cummins (from 1970's)it was 600hp

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It is the large part in the exhaust system in front of the muffler.

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When making changes to anything electrical it is good to have a diagram to ensure everything is done correctly. A person can find a diagram for a Peugeot 309 Diesel in the owners manual or maintenance manual.

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It is important to have a diagram for the area in which changes are occurring in car. A wiring diagram for the 1999 series 60 Detroit Diesel Engine can be found in its maintenance manual.

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A Caterpillar diesel motor serpentine belt diagram can be obtained from most Caterpillar dealerships. The serpentine belt diagram can also be found at many truck parts stores.

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There is a diagram under the hood, either on the hood or the radiator shroud.

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What diagram do you what Electric or fuel or oil?

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Your 5.9 Lts holds 11.78 liters of oil

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Yes Cummins diesel and a 4x4

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its a diesel, it doesn't have vacuum lines.

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diagram FOR ESPACE 2.2 DIESEL fan belt fitting 2000 reg

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