Where can you find an Irish history timeline from 1700 to 1900?

For a timeline of the history of Ireland that begins in 10,000 BC, please go to the rootsweb.com link to the right. 'Irish History Links' also provides a detailed timeline for this period. You can find a comprehensive Timeline of Irish history on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Irish_history The BBC offers a Timeline of Key Events in Northern Irish history...

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/special_report/1998/northern_ireland/10657.stm Here's a concise Irish History Timeline from 10,000 BC/BCE to 1998 AD/CE... 10,000 BC Earliest settlers arrived in Ireland in the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age period

The first settlers crossed by land bridge from Scotland

600-150 B.C. - Celtic tribes settled on the island

100 BC Arrival of the Gaels

432 AD - Arrival of St. Patrick to help convert pagan Irish Gaelic Kings to Christianity

800 Ireland attacked by Viking Norsemen

920 Vikings established settlements at Limerick

940 Brian Boru was born who was the son of a leader of one of the royal free tribes of Munster

Brian Boru defeated Vikings in 999

1167 Arrival of Normans at Baginbun in Co. Wexford which initiated the struggle between the English and the Irish

Reign of Rory O'Connor who was the last native High King of Ireland (1166-1175)

The Statutes of Kilkenny of 1388 forbade Irish/