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Answered 2008-06-22 17:51:54 -or- has several guides including field manuals and teardown manuals with great illustrations to help with the difficult task of tearing down a nylon66. i will add the links below the Google adds under "related links"

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Could you show me assembly instructions for a Remington nylon 66?

There is a video on how to assemble and disassemble a nylon 66 on

Exploded diagram of Remington nylon 76?

classic fire arms and parts llc

Where can you find a diagram of a Remington nylon 76 lever action 22 with parts diagram and instilation instructions?

on classic fire arms llc

Is there a peep sight for the Remington Nylon 66?


Where to find Remington nylon parts?

i would contact Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They should be able to help you.They are on the Internet also.

Is there a purple Remington nylon 66?

Purple wasn't a Remington color.

How do you tell what model Remington nylon 66 i have?

it looks like in the blue book that the mod.# is nylon 66

What is the value a nylon Remington 11 22cal bolt action?

value of your Remington nylon 11 is from $500-700, there is one for sale on guns America now listed for $660.

Who makes the nylon 66 rifle 22 cal?


What is value of Remington Nylon 11 with a weaver scope?


Where is the sereal number on a Remington nylon model 10?

The Remington nylon 10s were made (1962-1964) before serial numbers were required (1968)and I think all of them were made without a SN.

What is the Value of Remington Model 55 22cal nylon rifle?

Remington didn't make a model 55 rifle, nylon or otherwise. Autoloader, lever, or Bolt, Clip or Tub, letters on left side of barrel?

What years were the Remington nylon 66 made Serial a2259093?

1959 to 1989

What is the value of a 1962 Remington Nylon 12 .22 rifle?

Depending on condition, about $170-$250 (for an excellent specimen) There is a fair collector interest in the Remington Nylon rifles, although the semi-autos get the most attention.

How many brown and chrome nylon 66 were made?

The Nylon 66 is a rifle that was made by Remington from 1959 to 1989. The brown and chrome model was Nylon 66MB and over 700,000 were produced.

Where do you get parts for a Remington nylon 66?

Check the service and parts link on the Remington Society of America here:

Where can you find parts for a Remington nylon 11 - 22?

Check the service/parts page on the Remington Society of America here:

Where can you obtain a bolt for a Remington model 11 nylon 22 cal?

Check the Service and Parts page on the Remington Society of America her:

What date did the serial number of a Remington nylon 66 467479?

Check the date code on barrel ;) There's information on the Remington Society of America, check related links.

Can a scope be mounted on a Remington nylon 66 rifle?

You can but the receiver flexes and it is difficult for the scope to stay in adjustment.

What is the nylon Remington 22 rifle worth?

Depending on year and condition of the rifle, anywhere from $100-250.

How many Remington nylon 66 in Seneca green were manufactured?

i think 45000 between 59 and 61

When was a Remington nylon 66 with hand graving numbers built?

What is the value of a Remington 22 Semi auto with nylon stock?

I have seen one 200$ CAN, and was in good condition,

Did Remington make a nylon 66 in .22 short only?

Yes they did. It is called a "gallery special" model. Remington Product No# is 5512 on the new in box one that I have. Ralph

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