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Where can you find an owners manual for a model 234 rimfire if the maker and age are unknown?


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2008-11-23 23:52:38
2008-11-23 23:52:38

Post pictures of it on as many gun related sites as you can and ask for help.


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Follow the instructions in the owners manual. If you don't have one, go to the makers web site and request one. If the maker is no longer in business, take it to a gunsmith.

Write to the Manufacture or go online to the gun maker and request a manual.

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Books, letters from the maker, owners,

Go to Click on Quick Links - 'Owners Manuals' icon Select 'Bread Maker' from Product drop-down list Click 'Search' The search result will contain a link to the HB-152CE instruction manual PDF.

Request a manual from the maker.

Contact the maker on their web site. If they are not in business, check gun shows, Shotgun News, Gun List, gun stores.

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Your options are: return it to the maker, go to a gunsmith, request a owner's manual from the maker.

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Ask a gunsmith for help or contact the maker for a manual

If you don't have a manual, contact the maker.

Find a gunsmith and ask for help. Follow owner's manual instructions. Contact the maker if you don't have a manual.

Most companies offer replacement manuals to customers. To get a copy of a manual for a Gold Star Bread Maker HB-026E, contact the company directly to request a replacement manual.

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