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Why and where do ocean fish migrate

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Why and where do ocean fish migrate

This structure is unique to the lamprey

The firm flexible rod found in the dorsal area in chordates is called the

What nervous system initiates internal secretion contraction and absorption

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Q: Where can you find angelfish?
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Related questions

Is an emperor angelfish an angelfish?

The emperor angelfish, Pomacanthus imperator, is a species of marine angelfish.

What kinds of fish are compatible with angelfish?

There are not many fish that are compatible with Angelfish. Only Angelfish are truly compatible with Angelfish.

Is the Angelfish the same as the Queen Angelfish?

No it is not, as you can see, the queen angelfish is much more colourful. The angelfish is just black and white. Except for the male, it is colourful but not as colourful as the queen angelfish.

What sea creatures do you find in the Marine Alcove at Singapore science center?


Are angelfish dangerous to people?

Angelfish are not dangerous to people. There are freshwater and saltwater angelfish. The freshwater angelfish grow to a size of a few inches, while the saltwater angelfish can grow up to 12-inches.

Do aquarium angelfish get lonely?

Yes, they do. Angelfish love to socialize with their mates, or other angelfish.

How does an angelfish get its food?

Angelfish are amongst the best known fish for the aquarium. For most specie of angelfish staple flakes are a good source of nutrition, an extensive variety of foods is healthier. When these foods are not available then frozen brine shrimp and blood worms are exchange options. You can find it in acquarium store.

What is the angelfish?

The angelfish is a breed of fish.

Does an angelfish have an exoskeleton?

No, an angelfish does not have an exoskeleton.

Find a book report on angelfish?

First, you can start by looking in the nonfiction section of the library.

How many different types of angelfish?

there are a lot of different types of angelfish but the best are the cool beauty angelfish

What is an angelfish called?

an angelfish is called an angelfish that's all

What is scientific name for an angelfish?

* Freshwater angelfish, tropical cichlids of the genus Pterophyllum. * Marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae.pterophyllum scalace

What are angelfish eaten by?

angelfish can be eaten by squids

Do angelfish migrate?

angelfish do not migrate in winter

How does an angelfish get water?

Angelfish live in water. They do not get it.

Do angelfish like to live alone or in groups?

Angelfish like to live alone. Angelfish are very feisty fish.

Which types of fish do you see snorkeling in Aruba?

you may find a damsel fish, angelfish, or pufferfish

Do angelfish shed their skin?

No. Angelfish do not shed their skin

When do angelfish mate?

angelfish mate in early summer

Can angelfish be eaten?

Yes they can by a female angelfish after mating

Does an Angelfish have a light on its head?

No, angelfish do not have lights on their heads.

What are the uses of angelfish?

Angelfish release gas with their fins.

Can angelfish live in fresh water?

Freshwater angelfish can.

What do angelfish eat in the wild?

Angelfish eat algae, some coral, smaller fish, brine shrimp. Angelfish are omnivores.