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Where can you find arceus in Pokemon Pearl?

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You'll need the Azure Flute that was in a event last few years. They aren't making another event for Pokemon Pearl anymore. They are focused on Pokemon Black and White. But if you have the Azure Flute left, go take it to Spear Pillar where Dialga or Palkia was.

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Where can you find a Arceus in Pokemon Ruby?

Arceus is not possible to find in Pokemon Ruby. It was released in 2007 with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

What city can you find an Arceus Pokemon?

You can not FIND arceus in a city. You must find it through the evnt for Pearl Daimond or Platinum.

What pokemon game has Arceus?

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum have Arceus.

Where do you find Arceus in Pokemon FireRed?

Arceus is unobtainable. With the game it is in (Such as; Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, Platinum.) it cannot connect to the Gameboy Advance to transfer.

What level is Arceus in Pokemon pearl?


In pearl who is the best Pokemon?


What Pokemon are there in pearl that are not in diamond?


What is the best Pokemon in diamond and pearl?

I think arceus is the the strongest Pokemon in diamond and pearl. Also no moves are supereffective on Spiritomb and arceus

Pokemon pearl where to get lendedary?

to get arceus go into the navel rock cave and find him loser

Where is Arceus in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You cant find him, only in Platinum/Diamond/Pearl

Who is the strongest Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?


What are the rarest pokmon in Pokemon Pearl?


What is the most powerful pearl Pokemon ever?

probally arceus probally arceus

How do you get Arceus on Pokemon diamond pearl with out any events?

you get arceus at spear piller

How do you find arceus on SoulSilver?

You'll need to trade from the Pokemon HeartGold, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to hack it.Arceus is a 4th generation pokemon, it can only be caught in diamond pearl or platinum.

Where to find Arceus in pokemon heartgold?

you cant find arceus in Pokemon heart gold you need to transfer it over from Pokemon diamond or pearl . you can find it in the hall of origin if you have a azure flute you go to the spear pillar and you will see him at level 80 so be prepared

How do you do the Arceus event in soul silver?

You must have a LEGAL arceus from the arceus event on Pokemon pearl, diamond, or platinum.

How do you get an Arceus in Pokemon pearl?

Ds action replay.

What event is in July for Pokemon pearl?

arceus i believe

Can you get Arceus in HeartGold?

Technically,yes you can get Arceus in Pokemon Heartgold,but only by trading it to your Pokemon Heartgold game from Pokemon diamond,pearl or platinum.

Is Arceus the Pokemon who invented Pokemon?

In the legend of Pearl, Diamond and Platinum, it is indeed said that Arceus is the creator Pokemon, therefore he created Time and Space, and Pokemon.

How do you catch Arceus on soulsliver?

You Need The Arceus From 9th Movie or from Pokemon pearl/d/p

In Pokemon Pearl theres a myth that has three question marks in is Missingno that Pokemon and why?

The myth isn't talking about Missingno; it's talking about the secret Pokemon Arceus. No, the Pokemon arceus is totally different then Arceus!

How can you get arkius on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can only get Arceus if you trade from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl