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Where can you find cheap dental care?


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January 12, 2011 8:55PM

You really can't

I just went through a pretty grueling time with my teeth and Im scheduled for surgery to remove upper teeth. I had to have a denture made that acts as a bandade. You can get them pretty reasonable if you just look and check around, however dont just go to the cheapest . Make sure you TRUST this dr. , make sure he is reputable, make sure there are GOOD reports that outweigh any negative

Check to make sure the material is what you can afford til otheriwize and that you'll be comfortable in them.

Then most of all, trust your INSTINCTS!!

Affordable dentures depend on where you live and what your budget REALLY is...and what material its made out of...say plastic or acrylic vs porcelain. ...etc

Just do your homework!! good luck