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well you can find crabs in oceans, under rocks, in the sand. ect.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-24 06:06:45
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Q: Where can you find crabs?
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Do crabs make there shells?

No. Crabs find bigger shells that other crabs have already used and they molt into them.

When can you find crabs?

The best place to find crabs is in a pet store or from craig's list or an adoption center.

How do crabs protect themselves from predators?

The crabs cloud go find a hole or use there claws. The crabs could go find a hole or use there claws.

How do crabs communicate?

Crabs communicate by drumming or waving their pincers. They do this as a way to find a mate or just to communicate with other crabs.

What community are crabs found?

Well, I know where you CAN find crabs. You can find them in bays, harbors, beaches, etc. Places like that. If your looking for something else, then try to find a answer somewhere else. The collective noun is "a cast of crabs"

Where do blue crabs find food?

Blue crabs find most of their food at the bottom of the ocean. Most crabs are scavengers and will eat almost anything that drops to the bottom and begins to decay.

What kind of crabs could you find at PetSmart?

you should only find hermit crabs at petsmart there are many species of crabs but the most common crab in America is the purple pincher crab.

What do shore crabs eat?

Green Shore Crabs are scavengers. They eat anything they can find.

Where can you find coconut crabs?


How do hermit crabs find there food?

Hermit crabs find their food 2 ways by seeing another crab eating it or just by smelling it. I know this because I have 2 hermit crabs myself.

Do hermit cRabs need air?

Land crabs (most pets are) do need it while marine crabs like the ones you find at the beach do not.

How long do crabs grow?

crabs eat hatching turtles & anything they findcrabs grow up to 68.04 kg. 1 lb.=437grs.

How do crabs find food?

they use their claws

How to find land hermit crabs?

by ocean

How do crabs find shelter?

Their shelter is in their shell.

When do hermit crabs get shells?

Hermit crabs do not get shells. They have to find them in the wild. If they are in a cage they rely on you to give them shells.

Where might you find a person who harvests crabs or oysters?

A person who harvests crabs or oysters is a fisherman, you would normally find them at work on a fishing boat.

What do hermit crabs eat when you get them strait from the bay?

All crabs are scavengers. hermit crabs eat pretty much what ever floats to the bottom, or what they find on the beach.

How do crabs breathe underwater and above water?

There are crabs which breathe water and crabs which breathe air. It is rare to find a crab that does both but intertidal crabs do but they must remain wet to breath air (strange, right?).

Can a hermit crab live underwater?

yes but you have to find certain ones cause there is Land hermit crabs, underwater hermit crabs, and carabeian crabs and lots more!!!!!!!!

Are crabs a kind of fish?

well yes you can say that. why because crabs are always in water you hardly find them on land......

Do crabs eat each other?

Actually, crabs eat anything. Many crabs find food by sifting through the sand and eating any little particles they can find that taste good to them - this is why you see them sitting around on the beach picking at the sand with their claws. Crabs will also eat anything in the water or on the beach if it is dead, also - that includes dead crabs. Many crabs hunt other animals like bivalves, gastropods, shrimp, and yes, other crabs.

Can you find hermit crabs in South Carolina?


Can wild crabs eat fish?

no but you can find out by google

Where do you find rock crabs on runescape?

at mudskipper point