Where can you find crib conversion kits to the Jardine lifetime crib model?

I just finally got my full bed put together and it was really easy and looks great! Ok so I called Jardine enterprises and they told me to call Sleepy's and ask for a Universal hook-on metal rails for a crib. So I did that and the Sleepy's I called said they were discontinued. I continued to call several more Sleepys till I got someone who told me that they were indeed available and he knew exactly what I needed...he just converted his 3 year old's bed. He was right and everything worked out perfectly. The gentleman I spoke with at Sleepy's is Damien (201) 487-4242. Your best bet is to call him no matter where you are located and he will order you exactly what you need or tell you which location to pick them up from. They can deliver it to you and I think the charge is $90...well that's atleast what mine was but they also delivered a full box which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND because the bedrails make the bed really low to the ground and it does not look good that way. I have the manual for converting the kit if you decide to do it on your own. If you need it just respond to this answer. One more thing that I did not realize when the bed rails came and I thought they were not what we needed. You need to follow the instruction manual because it is very important that you take your crib apart completely to get both headboard & end board into the rails. If you don't take the other end of the bed apart (end board) you will not see the place to hook the rails into and the delivery people at Sleepy's will tell you that you order the wrong part and they do not carry parts for this type of bed...BUT THATS NOT TRUE BECAUSE THEY DO AND DAMIEN WILL TELL YOU THAT. Meaning...if you decide to do your bed without an end board they do have rails specifically for them but you need to call Damien because he will know which other rails to order you. But luckily the Jardine Madison Crib can have both a headboard and endboard for a full bed or it can go the other route which I did not want. Very important you just need to make sure your crib is taken apart fully and the end board is put together correctly so that you will see the section to hook the rails into. Actually the instruction manual will show you clearly what I mean...page 6 has a picture of what it is supposed to look like all set up. So ask me for the instruction manual if you do not have it already! Oh also you need to go to a hardware store and pick up the longest furniture screws you can get because you will need those when putting the end board together correctly. I got mine from homedepot. I don't think they came with the crib originally so you definitely have to pick them up. So make sure your end board is put together correctly before ordering the rails.